Once I Was Seven Years Old

Genre: Pastoral

The following are Genre actions.

  • Shared Action, where you find someone who’s doing something simple and honest—chores, studying, fishing, or whatever—and connect with them as they work;
  • Shared Reactions, where you talk things through with someone—sort out your head and/or theirs about stuff that’s been going on; and
  • Slice of Life, where you travel, admire the scenery, have a meandering conversation about nothing in particular; in general experience stuff and emote your reactions to it.


  • //Your life will stagnate if you don't follow your dreams //



The Properties of Fortitude are:

  • Things must have simplicity
  • Things can't move quickly
  • Works must be fruitful
  • People must remember where they came from
  • You have a home in Fortitude

Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

Supporting Cast

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