Mysteries Of The Far Roofs

Mysteries of the Far Roofs

The Rats lived on the roofs of Fortitude for as long as you can remember. As long as your parents and grandparents can remember, even. They are a part of it. They belong here.
And they aren't only rats, but people, too.

Maybe you are one of them. Or maybe you're one of children that trained with them. Or maybe… you're not really related at all to the rats. But either way…
Something is calling. A great Mystery, one of the god-monsters that the Rats study and battle, awakens on the Far Roofs and you are destined to face it. To learn about it and the strange realm it inhabits. Maybe it is really a mystical force that compels you. Maybe it is a curse that forces you. Maybe you are trying to find something on the Far Roofs. Maybe you have some personal history with the Mystery in question.
Or maybe you are just tagging along, because it sounds like an awesome adventure.

What the reason might be, you arrived on the Roofs of Fortitude. You prepare for the quest. A small party forms… and you embark on a journey into the unknown.

This is a campaign set in Fortitude, mostly concerned with venturing onto the Far Roofs and questing against a Mystery, which is created by the players during play.


Whenever you do a Genre XP Action, you can declare that this action relates to the Mystery you are questing against. If the HG agrees, add an appropriate piece of information to the Book of Names entry of that Mystery and the HG awards a bonus XP.

Main Characters

Remy Chiaroscuro / Emotion: Fist Bump/Salute
Ayako Vasili / Emotion XP: Fist Bump/Salute
Jerrica / Emotion XP: Speechlessness
Ritho / Emotion XP: Finger Snap and Beckon Over
Thessaly Grimsdottir /Emotion XP: Fist Shake

Former PCs

Value Augustine / Emotion XP: Aww!
Raistlin Kriz / Emotion XP: Fist Shake.
Judah Jackanory / Emotion XP: Oh no! Judah is in trouble!
Copper / Emotion XP: I am putting my faith in you with this XP

The Book Of Names (Mysteries)

First Mystery - Jakob the Absolver
Hedge the Fang

The Plum King


Rats of Fortitude

Reason Augustine - Brother of Value

Nicodemus III - Prince of Rats, heir to the throne, a bit more ponderous and careful than other rats, Remy's childhood friend
Esmeralda - Princess of Rats, Nico's wife
Eduard - Prince of Rats, Nico's younger brother, befriended Rinley

Bekti - fearful Rat-girl rescued by Remy, was hunted by Fenrir

Black Whisker - mysterious Rat-vigilante, Remy's rival/buddy

Remy's Bar Friends - Ugly Thom, Old Chasmey, Big Mongo, Chance Cassidy
Vladimir - One-eyed bartender of the Rat King's Redoubt
Satoko Hoskins - Part time detective and regular patron of the Rat King's Redoubt

Rasputin Family - treacherous Rat nobles trying to take the throne
Nimh Family - Rat noble house of deviant scientists, collaborating with the Rasputin

Yatskaya Family

Rinley Yatskaya - The Troublemaker, friend of Ayako, hired Judah, sees Copper as an "enemy"
Mimi - kitten living in the Yatskaya temple, was rescued by the team from Hedge the Fang

Vasili Family

Herakleides Vasili - Ayako's father, keeps to himself, tends to a garden
Clio Vasili - Ayako's mother. Bound to no element, as she married into the family. Works for the Fortitude Regional Council.
Mayu Vasili - Ayako's eldest sister, the heiress, bound to the high places
Asuka and Gorou Vasili- Ayako's twin little brothers. Bound to Winter and Spring respectively.

Titov Family

Soramir Titov - Second son of the family, Acquainted with Copper enough to call him when trouble arises

The (former) Host of Heaven and Associates

Arikel/Eclipse - Fallen Angel, Jasper's older brother
Jasper Irinka - the Child of the Sun
Jade Irinka - the former Sun, presumably deceased
The Dead Sun - The reanimated corpse of Jade Irinka. Probably very bad news.

Fortitude Police Department

Sergej Kuvnetskov - Copper's handler

The Bleak Academy

The Headmaster - He may or may not be evil incarnate. Either way, he killed Jade Irinka, so he is probably bad news. Jasper's father.
Coriander Hasp - Suspicious (*COUGH*excrucian*COUGH*) Rookie Police Officer, has ties to Ritho
Sciel "the Devourer" - A pretty unmotivated Rider who can (and will) eat anything. Has it out for Judah


Miramie Mesmer - Just a flower girl that got involved with Judah. Definitely not some kind of Dream-Witch.
Chibi-Terror - the harmless puppy form of Fenrir, after he was beaten by Ayako
Ismail - mysterious monk, follower of Jakob the Absolver
Leonardo de Montreal - Nightmares' Angel, a self-important, neurotic nightmare scientist from Old Molder.
RIMM - the Ritually Impure Manservice Machine, Leonardo's robo-butler
The Angel of Fortitude - a friendly, mysterious biker who seems to help out around Fortitude.


Vasili Shrine
The Bell of Sanctity
Deep Under, Augustine halls
The Domain of Hedge the Fang

Other Stuff

Chapter Status
Issue: A Mystery Calls

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