The Sun's Court:ship

A Gothic Campaign of Romance and Undoing The Apocalypse

Based on the Campaign By FrivYeti

Properties and Conventions

XP Actions

  • Shared Action, in which you join another PC in simple work;
  • Shared Reaction, in which you and another PC react to something going on together;
  • Slice of Life, in which you have a strong reaction to a situation; and
  • Obsessive Action, in which you become obsessed with a situation.


  • No relationship runs smoothly.
  • Secrets must be kept as long as possible.
  • You will run into each other in the most inconvenient moments.

The Main Players

The Supporting Cast

Islands in Forever

The Barque of the Sun

  • You must reconcile the divided and the antithetical.
  • You must keep things in good order.
  • Your emotions must have a tangible impact on the world.
  • The lake must be tranquil.
  • You must see far, and see clearly.
  • You must have a talent for expression.
  • A terrible beauty must reside in everything, though it may hide beneath the surfaces of things.

Coral Sands

HG Quests

XP Action Record


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