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Sit by the fire, and listen to a tale, about identity, destiny, and loss. A tale of wicked knights and heroic dragons, of monstrous maidens and fast-talking creatures. Come to the edge of a peaceful neighborhood and a broken city, where industry failed and dreams were lost. But beware, ye monsters who fight against hope, lest you become hopeful yourselves.

Come, and take on the role of…

  • The Glass-Maker, Hideo Hayashi, if you want…
    • To be haunted by your past decisions
    • To seek to help and redeem others
    • To be a little bit wound-up, reflective, and prone to stepping in.

(Or are you the girl variant, Hideko Hayashi, instead?)

  • The Great Rat Detective, Alexandra Profokiev, if you want…
    • To be a hard-boiled detective.
    • To definitely be too old for this crap.
    • To be wistful for your more exciting youth.

(Or are you the boy variant, Alexander Profokiev, instead?)

  • The Prince of Thorns, Simon Brambles, if you want…
    • To be not nearly so nasty as you first appear.
    • To be overly interested in mundane things.
    • To be a very proper gentleman and servant.

(Or are you the girl variant, Liza Brambles, instead?)

  • The Serpent of Memory, Typhon, if you want…
    • To be a vicious and arrogant hunter.
    • To be tentatively testing out compassion and friendship.
    • To be a giant snake, seriously.
  • The Prodigal Sun, Arikel Irinka, if you want…
    • To flee from overwhelming responsibility.
    • To act as a guide and ‘big brother’ to your companions.
    • To be haunted, figuratively and literally, by the incarnation of your mother’s death.

(Or are you the girl variant, Ariel Irinka?)

  • The Humble Lie, Iolithae Septimian, if you want…
    • To define what is and is not true.
    • To have a sense of mischief and pranks of various degrees of innocence and spite.
    • To conceal terrible fear and rage at the state of the world.

(Or are you the boy variant, Septimian Iolithae?)

  • The Swan Child, Setsuna Kaneko, if you want…
    • To look for the beauty in all the world.
    • To put on a brave face when confronted with your fears and worries.
    • To be doomed to die.

(Or are you the boy variant, Recca Kaneko?)

  • The Wrongful King, Billy Sovereign, if you want…
    • To be a huge jerk.
    • To surround yourself with lackeys and minions.
    • To be secretly incredibly lonely (and equally defensive about it).

(Or are you the girl variant, Mary Soverign, the Wrongful Queen?)

Or come and be…

  • The HG, or Hollyhock God, if you want…
    • To define and describe the world in which the PCs live and act.
    • To stare in awe and horror as your carefully-planned scene descends into glorious madness.
    • To be able to remind everyone that you wanted to be Iolithae, but no one else would step up to the plate and someone had to do it, and you’re just that cool.
    • To organize and pull together the players’ actions into a cohesive whole.

If you’re the HG, you should probably read over the storylines for each of the players, so that you can help them figure out where this thing is going, and take a quick look over their quests, so that you can help put situations in their paths which will keep things moving along. Other than that, you’re ready to go.

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