Lest Ye Become

An Adventure Fantasy story for three to eight players.



Quest Sets


  • Archives - the surprising discoveries of Hideo Hayashi (A Life Well-Lived)
  • The Unearthed Case Files of Alexandra Profokiev (A Life Well-Lived)
  • The Hidden Secrets of Simon Brambles (Casting Off Your Skin)
  • The Great Mystery of Typhon (Casting Off Your Skin)
  • Destiny and Death - the reluctant adventures of Arikel (Owning Yourself)
  • The Lies Of Town, as told by Iolithae Septimian (Owning Yourself)
  • Seven Wonders - the pilgrimage of Setsuna Kaneko (The Price)
  • Le Morte de Billy Sovereign (The Price)

Major NPCs

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