Journey to the Outside

And the angel of the sun did fall. She fell, down, down, from the sky, and into the emptiness beyond the world, beyond the things that were good and real, out where only false and nonexistent things might live.

And then they knew what it was to know darkness, to know meaninglessness, to lose all hope. The world, the whole and breadth of it, knew what it was like to be without a sun.

But at the same time…

…and, perhaps, this was most surprising of all…

At the same time and for the first time, the emptiness beyond knew what it was to have a sun.

And the whole of it changed.

-from Journey to the Outside a fan campaign by MrPrim

Genre: Epic Fantasy

The following are Genre actions.

  • Science, Faith, and Sorcery Actions, where you come up with a theory about how something works, and then you test it out;
  • Decisive Actions, where you decide to do something; and;
  • Wicked Actions, where you decide to do something… wrong.


  • ❀ The stage may be small but audience is great;
  • ❀ You are well known wherever you go; and
  • ❀ There’s always a place to stay when the weather gets bad


Region: The Walking FIelds

  • ❀ Animals are wise.
  • ❀ What happens is what has always happened.
  • ❀ You will meet with others in the proper Hour.
  • ❀ What happens is what must happen.
  • ❀ There is something you were supposed to do.
  • ❀ Things are not as you remember them.
  • ❀ The world is bigger than you imagine, and full of more brightness and tragedy.

Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

Sonya Hou! The Peerless Spirit, played by Cannonball
Roderick Titov, The Vice Magus, played by cadaeic
Oboliu Waite, the Granite Knight, played by Meriss
Amaranth, The Undying, played by Anno Nimus
Susan Numidia, The Light Seeker, played by Baffle Mint

Supporting Cast

The Lost Knight
The Heron Queen
Kseniya, the Jotun's Daughter
The Titov Family
The Riders and the Hosts of the Bleak
The Folk of Halloween

Game Stats


  • Book 1; Chapter 1 - Carpe the Diem
    • Susan - Be In Trouble;
    • Sonya - Wicked Action; Decisive Action
    • Roderick - Wicked Action (+1 Delirium); Science, Faith, and Sorcery
    • Oboliu - Decisive Action (+1 Turn Back!); Decisive Action
    • Amaranth - Decisive Action

Quest Goals

  • Susan
    • ❀ …be given a responsibility at home that has to be completed before you leave.
    • ❀ …try and fail to sneak passed someone you don’t want to deal with.
    • ❀ …lose or forget something really important.
  • Sonya
    • ❀ …are freed from some imprisonment or restrain, and placed under a new one.
    • ❀ …participate in a fun activity despite your imprisonment or restrain making it very difficult.
    • ❀ …are caught in a storm.
  • Roderick
    • ❀ …first learned about the Treasure.
    • ❀ …given the Whisperer a nickname which it approves of.
    • ❀ …set aside a family heirloom, cherished possession, or other personally important object.
  • Oboliu
    • ❀ …experienced a dream, flashback, or fantasy where you are a child.
    • ❀ …spotted the Lost Knight in the distance but were unable to get to them before they vanished.
    • ❀ …lay claim to a powerful object or treasure.
  • Amaranth
    • ❀ …your object is stolen;
    • ❀ …your object serves as a useful reference in deciding some conflict or solving some mystery;
    • ❀ …the object helps you sort out your head on something;
    • ❀ …your object either contains some important secret, or people falsely believe it does.
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