Journey To The Outside

And the angel of the sun did fall. She fell, down, down, from the sky, and into the emptiness beyond the world, beyond the things that were good and real, out where only false and nonexistent things might live.

And then they knew what it was to know darkness, to know meaninglessness, to lose all hope. The world, the whole and breadth of it, knew what it was like to be without a sun.

But at the same time…

…and, perhaps, this was most surprising of all…

At the same time and for the first time, the emptiness beyond knew what it was to have a sun.

And the whole of it changed.

An Epic Fantasy for up to five players, set in the Walking Fields, the Outside, and Beyond, and written by MrPrim.


Jade Irinka is dead. The sun has fallen into the Outside and the world is reeling under a strange and alien sky. The heavens are dark, sunless and starless, empty.

It is a mournful thing to live in a fallen world.

But there is hope. Or, rather, there is a chance for hope. Hope exists, but someone has to venture out into the Outside and get it. Someone has to go on a journey to save the world. And not just anybody: gods and monsters and villains… and also just some guy.

It sounds like it will be an Epic Adventure, doesn’t it?

Campaign Conventions

This campaign is an Epic Fantasy game featuring THREE Conventions, manifesting as level 2 Afflictions:
❀ The stage may be small but audience is great;
❀ You are well known wherever you go; and
❀ There’s always a place to stay when the weather gets bad

The Walking Fields

This game will begin in the Walking Fields. It won’t stay there long, of course — it is a journey to the Outside, after all, so you’ll probably leave Town proper pretty soon after things begin. But all stories have a beginning, and it’s always good to have an idea where you’ve come from.

The Walking Fields is Town’s agricultural region, where the majority of its farming takes place. It’s a place of woods and animals, quiet roads and green meadows. The people out here on the outskirts of Town live spread out from each other; more than anywhere, this is a place in Town where you can be alone with your thoughts, and so, in addition to hard-working farmers and pleasant folk-of-the-field, it is home to its share of witches’ huts, ogre caves, and eccentric alchemist labs.

It is a place of autumn colors and autumn attitudes. But it is also a place where things tend to happen, or have happened, or will happen quite soon.

It is Destiny Country, where fate grows from the fields like wheat and barley. It is the perfect place to begin a journey to save the world.

Though what it means to save the world is bigger than you imagine, and full of more brightness and tragedy.

Area: 760 square miles
Population: 20,000

Region Properties

❀ Animals are wise.
❀ What happens is what has always happened.
❀ You will meet with others in the proper Hour.
❀ What happens is what must happen.
❀ There is something you were supposed to do.
❀ Things are not as you remember them.
❀ The world is bigger than you imagine, and full of more brightness and tragedy.

Typical Genre: Adventure Fantasy


Prepare to go on a great quest to the ends of Creation and well, well beyond. Before you know what to pack for such a quest, though, you need to figure out just who you are! So, are you…

The Light Seeker, Tripp Tanaka, if you want
✶ to be the sort of person who tends to fall headfirst into trouble
✶ to make friends out of enemies
✶ to be sort of naive and embarrassing
✶ to have a mission to find a great treasure
(or are you the Rider girl variant, Susan Numidia, instead?)

The Peerless Spirit, Sonya Hou, if you want
✶ to be an impossibly skilled nature god
✶ to be a reluctant hero and a bit of a jerk
✶ to climb a ladder to heaven and face what doth dwell therein
(or are you the cyborg variant, SWk-2456, instead?)

The Vice Magus, Roderick Titov, if you want
✶ to be something of a comic relief
✶ to use weird and scary magic to get what you want
✶ to decide the fate of whole worlds despite being wildly unqualified
(or are you the girl variant, Zoey Titova, instead? Or maybe you're Colbrand, the False Light?)

The Granite Knight, Oboliu Waite, if you want
✶ to be steadfast even in the face of terrible things
✶ to labor under a terrible enchantment
✶ to get things done when your companions are always faffing about
✶ to be asked to sacrifice your life to remove a great darkness from the world
(or are you the boy variant, Dace Lillimut, instead?)

The Servant Prince, Julian Lungren, if you want
✶ to change into a bunch of shapes but especially an enormous dragon!
✶ to quest to regain your honor and impress your family
✶ to put someone else's needs before your own
✶ I did mention becoming a dragon, right?
(or are you the girl variant, Yurian Lopez, instead?)

Or come and be …

❀ The HG, or "Hollyhock God," if you want
✶ to focus on describing the world rather than being attached to any particular character
✶ to play the game, and nobody else is being the HG, so you had better!
✶ to be able to just say that things happen and they do, and
✶ to help pull together a story from the things characters do,

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