Housekept: An SBURB fan adventure

For Chuubo's Marvelous Wish Granting Engine

Adventure Fantasy

The following are Genre actions.

  • Science, Faith and Sorcery: You're explaining or wondering how something works.
    To do the action, Propose an idea, an implication, loophole or desperate hope and then Test it!.
  • Wicked Action: You're doing somehing that you know IC that you shouldn't. It's just not healthy! Or it's wrong!
    To do the action, Fall into a delirious abyss of self-indulgence.
  • Decisive Action: You've been narrating or explaining your hopes, dreams, plans, actions, or thoughts. Or someone/something else has been doing that for you.
    To do the action, Take an action that your can't retreat from, something decisive or definitive!
  • (Be in) Trouble: A threat approaches!
    To do the action, Be overwhelmed and overmatched.
  • Meme: Somebody (maybe even you) says something really cool, really weird or otherwise memorable.
    To do the action, Declare what they have said to be a 'meme' or Bring it up again in some appropriate or creative way.

Conventions and Properties

Game Conventions

  • How can you escape what is already here?
  • The game is glitchy
  • It just keeps happening
  • Growing up is hard and nobody understands

The Properties of The Pre-Session

  • Guardians must Strife! with their charges
  • The meteors are already coming though nobody knows
  • The game cannot be activated without tests of mettle
  • Sylladexes are BULLSHIT!
  • Game abstractions are taken as perfectly normal



The Guardians

  • Hunter's SISTER
  • Linda's friend THE JANITOR
  • Samantha's MOTHER
  • Adam's AUNT
  • James' UNCLE
  • Eli's COUSIN

Meme Library

  • > ANODYNIUM SHEERS: Float on forever, like a pointy metal monument to ADAM's stupidity. (source)

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