Glass Maker's Dragon

Fortitude: the Glass-Maker's Dragon

Once upon a time, a witch and a glass-maker made a dragon out of glass and taught it to hate the world. It raged and it would have destroyed everything; only, it shattered, instead.

Maybe it found some reason to love the world.

Maybe their hearts weren't really in it — not the glass-maker’s, not the witch’s.

Maybe it was just that the dragon was made of glass.

— Fortitude: the Glass-Maker’s Dragon,
a campaign for Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

Fortitude: By the Docks of Big Lake

The setting of the campaign is Fortitude. It's a quiet place, a peaceful place. Even a little boring. The following things are true here:

  • Things must have simplicity.
  • Things can't move quickly.
  • Work must be fruitful.
  • People must remember where they come from.
  • You have a home in Fortitude.

These count as level 2 Bonds, for all who care to invoke them.

This campaign has the following conventions, counting as level 2 Afflictions:

  • Masks are extremely effective disguises.
  • Turning into a giant snake will not help.
  • Your life will grow stagnant unless you reach for your dreams.

It is in service to that last convention that birthdays only come to those who earn them as a quest reward.

Main Characters

Chuubo, the Wishing Boy
Entropy II, Magister1, The Angel of Fortitude
Miramie Mesmer, the Dream-Witch
Jasper Irinka, the Child of The Sun

Notable NPCs

Leonardo de Montreal, Nightmares' Angel (Former PC)
Seizhi Schwan, the Best Friend (Former PC)
Kenichi Shichida, the Haunted Child
Vladimir Bûl, the Sacrificial Bûl
Lillimund Cartaign, The Wish-Granting Engine
Sakura Anastasia Kuga, The Sidekick
Death he, the first of the Riders he, the Lord of Death's Dominion he, the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy is he named
Emilia Sosunov, The Girlfriend
Rinley Yatskaya, The Troublemaker

Relationship Map

Current Status

XP pool: 10

Book 1, Chapter 1

Book 1, Chapter 2

Book 1, Chapter 3

Book 1, Chapter 4

Book 1, Chapter 5

Book 2: Chapter 1

  • Jasper: Never Say Die!. +2 XP
  • Miramie: (Suffer) Corruption. +1 XP
  • HG: Transition.
  • Miramie: Shared Reaction. +1 XP
  • Entropy: Shared Reaction. +1 XP



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