Glass Maker S Dragon

Fortitude: the Glass-Maker's Dragon

Once upon a time, a witch and a glass-maker made a dragon out of glass and taught it to hate the world. It raged and it would have destroyed everything; only, it shattered, instead.

Maybe it found some reason to love the world.

Maybe their hearts weren't really in it — not the glass-maker’s, not the witch’s.

Maybe it was just that the dragon was made of glass.

— Fortitude: the Glass-Maker’s Dragon,
a campaign for Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

Fortitude: By the Docks of Big Lake

The setting of the campaign is Fortitude. It's a quiet place, a peaceful place. Even a little boring. The following things are true here:

  • Things must have simplicity.
  • Things can't move quickly.
  • Work must be fruitful.
  • People must remember where they come from.
  • You have a home in Fortitude.

These count as level 2 Bonds, for all who care to invoke them.

This campaign has the following conventions, counting as level 2 Afflictions:

  • Masks are extremely effective disguises.
  • Turning into a giant snake will not help.
  • Your life will grow stagnant unless you reach for your dreams.

It is in service to that last convention that birthdays only come to those who earn them as a quest reward.

Main Characters

Miramie Mesmer, the Dream-Witch
Dulcinia de Montreal The Nightmare's Angel
Natalia Koutolika The Prodigy

Notable NPCs

Shokyou, The Wishing Girl.

Relationship Map

Current Status

XP pool: 0




In Game Date 3 week of 1st Month of Spring

The Marvelous Wish Granting Engine

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