From Way Back When

Welcome to Shebang, a nice little town in the middle of the USA. The year is 1964, and the town is celebrating its centennial. You’re kind of isolated, but not in the middle of nowhere. There’s a big city a couple of hours drive from here. And your TV antennas can normally pick up three stations, though sometimes one of them doesn’t come in right if the weather is bad. You may not have a McDonald’s here, but Greg’s serves up the best shakes and chicken in the state, and their juke box always has the latest hits, so who really cares you don't have the trendiest food in the nation?

In short, you’d say the town is a pretty normal place. You’d say you’re pretty normal. And on the surface, everything looks really normal.

On the surface…

-from From Way Back When a fan one-shot by Felix

Genre: Pastoral

The following are Genre actions.

  • Shared Action, where you find someone who’s doing something simple and honest—chores, studying, fishing, or whatever—and connect with them as they work;
  • Shared Reactions, where you talk things through with someone—sort out your head and/or theirs about stuff that’s been going on; and
  • Slice of Life, where you travel, admire the scenery, have a meandering conversation about nothing in particular; in general experience stuff and emote your reactions to it.


  • ❀ ?


Region: Earth

  • ❀ Its locations are relative;
  • ❀ Its particulars are measurable;
  • ❀ Its particulars are explainable;
  • ❀ Its particulars exert causal force;
  • ❀ Its events have causes;
  • ❀ These causes are impersonal;
  • ❀ These causes are amoral.

Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

Dulci Ventura, the Loner, played by MrPrim
Sally "Blue" Charnwick, The Wish Guider, played by Jeremy Kopczynski

Supporting Cast

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