The Far And Away

The Far And Away

Campaign Premise

Far from Town, at the edge of the Walking Fields, at a crossroads in the Weary Woods stands an old mansion. Some people will say it is a haunted place, that something terrible happened there long ago.
But I don't think that's true.
Because on the rickety fence around the overgrown garden, there is a sign that reads. „The Far and Away.“

I don't know how you got here, but it is most certainly the last place to rest before the end of the world. Whether you want to go on into the Outside or turn back before it is too late, it can't hurt to spend the night.

There is but one rule: When the clock strikes thirteen, you have to be in your room and call it a night.

Campaign Rules

This game will use the game system Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine to tell a story in the Fairy Tales genre. I will be your Hollyhock God and I am looking for around 4 other players. I will probably try out some alternative rules for the HG (thinking about campaign Issues right now), but that shouldn't concern the players too much.

The game will be Play by Post.

Characters will be miraculous starting with the usual 3 levels of Miraculous Arc Traits. This point can be changed if people would rather play a mundane level game or start with fewer Arc Traits. All kinds of extra content released over the years is fair game as far as I am concerned, including the extra Arcs from Patreon. Please link to the version you are using, though.
All XP costs for Quests will be 3/5 of the regular amount, since that just works better for PbP games in my experience.

Your character may have some reason to enter the woods or maybe they're just lost. Whether you are the lost child or the Wolf that stalks it is ultimately up to you. Maybe you're even working at the Far and Away!


The Genre will be Fairy Tales.
This means, as an XP Action, you may:
- (Suffer) Adversity
- (Suffer) Corruption
- (Suffer) Metamorphosis/Transformation
- (Suffer) Trauma
- Never Say Die!


The campaign will use the following Conventions they count as Level 2 Afflictions:
- Masks are extremely effective disguises
- Who enters the woods must be lost.

Region Properties

The campaign takes place in the Walking Fields and as such the following Properties are in effect:
- Animals are wise.
- What happens is what has always happened.
- You will meet with others in the proper Hour.
- What happens is what must happen.
- There is something you were supposed to do.
- Things are not as you remember them.
- The world is bigger than you imagine, and full of more brightness and tragedy.

When you are still out and about when the Thirteens Hour strikes (Didn't I warn you?) or in certain places in the woods, the Properties of Soma Village are in effect.

If you go too deep into the woods, the world gives way to The Outside and the associated Properties.


Staff of The Far And Away

The old Mansion in the woods has been somewhat renovated and now serves as an Inn at the edge of reality. Some of the staff you might meet there:

The Mysterious Benefactor, Entropy II
He is the person who bought the property and made the mansion into an Inn. He is the boss, technically. But he never actually seems to be around.

The Caretaker, Ananda
Always completely shrouded in beautiful garments, Ananda takes care of the Far and Away in Entropy's absence. Not much is known about them, but they do seem to be very nice nonetheless and always have some warm coffee or cocoa ready for new arrivals.

The Good Dog, Surolam
You can't really discern what breed she is, but she is old and fluffy and doesn't really run around anymore. Usually she lies in front of the fireplace in the common room or out on the front porch if the weather is nice.

The Almighty Janitor, Ha-Quadosch Behraka
A strange man with a mischievous grin. He is the one keeping everything running, according to himself at least. You don't actually ever see him doing that much, but he is always available for a chat.

(I will probably add some more later)

Player Characters

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