Soun Shounen, The Idol

Academics: Good
Athletics: Good
Favorite Foods: Grapes, Carrots, Tea Sandwiches
Favorite Buffalo: Water
Blood Type: AB
Animal: Cat
Age: 16

Emotion XP:

Put My Faith In You (with this XP)

Health and Issues:

  • Normal Health Level: [Halloween Event Planner +1 Tool to organize events for Halloween]
  • Normal Health Level: [empty]
  • Tough Health Level: [empty]
  • Trust 1: You Are Not Alone






Empathy 3
Student 2
Delinquent 1
Snazzy Clothing 1
Connection: White River 1

Bond (2): Heart-Reader
Affliction (0): Mysterious Bishounen


~ S P A R K L E ~

[4 of 9 XP]
Take things OVER THE TOP while being sparkling and dazzling and majestic.

Result: You get a recharge token that a) lets you look awesome without doing anything, and b) restores all Will, shake off a Surface Wound, or turn a Tough Wound to a Surface Wound.

Just Another Day

[22 of 24 XP]
Major goals (Each once, Total 12 XP)
* You’re given an unlikely, ridiculous detention or punishment.
* Someone needs you to save them.

  • You lure a monster into a game of shiratori, kickball, Connect 4, or your established preference for a casual game.
  • You’re given the mission to break into somewhere dangerous/for

Flavor goals: (Once/chapter)

  • Play shiratori, kick-ball, or some other casual game
  • Experiment with a ridiculous outfit or disguise
  • Work on a project for class, despite possible distractions
  • Nap in the library or under a tree
  • Hang out with some friends. Kind of casual.
  • Check up on how somebody’s doing
  • Get challenged by someone whom you think is trying to rise in the delinquent or sports-team ranks
  • Hang out near the other PCs, reading a book

Result: You accomplish a major goal in life AND either a) a +2 Tool usable once per chapter for a niche ability OR b) a Level 2 Connection to someone you bonded with during the quest.

Code Block stuff

[b][url=]Soun Shonen[/url], the Idol'[/b]
[size=1]Putting My Faith In You
Will 7/8; MP 1/1; 1 Surface/1 Tough (wound: Halloween Party Planner, Surface)[/size]
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