Chuubo, The Exchange Student

Academics: Above Average
Athletics: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Seaweed Crackers, Pickled Vegetables, Stinky Cheeses
Blood Type: O
Animal: Mouse
Age: 15

Emotion XP:



  • Normal Health Level: [empty]
  • Normal Health Level: [empty]
  • Tough Health Level: [empty]






Schoolwork 1
Fearlessness 1
(Superior) Snake-Person 2
Night-Craft 2
Changeling 2


On the Case




The Girl in the Mirror

[1 of 12 XP]
Consult with Edony by dropping by a mirror, or something, e.g., and asking, “You there?”

Result: Earns you a Recharge Token, which you can spend at any time to have a plot-relevant flashback or insight—and either restore your Will, shake off a Surface Wound, or replace a Serious Wound with a Surface Wound.

The Boy From Halloween

(19 of 28 XP)
Major goals (Each once, Total 12 XP)

  • Intruders break into your sanctuary.
  • Mirror-world information is helpful in the real world.
  • You’re in serious trouble, most likely in School.
  • Something associated with your parents shows up unexpectedly in play.

Flavor goals: (Once/chapter)

  • you want to run away to the mirror-world
  • you fix up your sanctuary/home/office/nest
  • you drag a friend into some kind of investigation
  • you tell stories of the real world to the mirror
  • you’re forced to hang out with somebody
  • you get in a fight, probably over your heritage
  • you take on a new case, or pursue an ongoing one
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