Halloween Special (rpg.net Halloween 2017)

If you saw the last solar eclipse, you'll like what happens here…

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Important NPCS

  • White River — A good doggo
  • The Kid in the Mirror — A mysterious elf
  • Leovold — A monster cat-boy
  • Jarl 1 — Owler Lendsme/Mrs. Senko/Suzy Schwan
  • Jarl 2 — Prince Mourning — A vampire teacher
  • Jarl 3 — Lee Scathing — A demonic disciplinary
  • Jarl 4 — ??
  • Jarl 5 — ??
  • Jarl 6 — ??

Genre: Fairy Tale

In genre actions:
(Suffer) Adversity: you experience something awful. So awful!
Never Say Die: you’re overwhelmed and outmatched. This is a doomed and impossible battle—but you’ll still fi ght to your last drop of strength!
(Suffer) Corruption, Trauma, or Metamorphosis: something outside your control is changing you. Things get a little weird and surreal.

Conventions and Properties

  • Spooky stuff just keeps happening.
  • It’s easy to put costumes together.
  • There’s candy and Halloween set dressing everywhere.
  • The more terrifying something appears, the more of its power and awfulness must be based on an illusion, misunderstanding, or trick

Soma at Halloween

  • Truth arises from mystery, but the mystery remains.
  • This moment is like no other moment. It is Now.
  • Go and look, and you will see the vastness of the world.
  • Go and look, and you will see events and landscapes staged for you.
  • The world is showing you the pieces of your heart.
  • Enchantments and spiritual forces haunt you.
  • You may find peace with your misfortunes.
  • You are at risk of becoming a legend, or a god.

Chapter Summaries

  1. Calm Before the Storm
  2. The Long Night
  3. Pumpkin-Blood Morning
  4. Glittering Eyes
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