Dig Deep, Build High

A campaign of exploring beautiful places, scavenging for neat items, and building great things.

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Properties and Conventions

XP Actions

  • Shock
  • Sympathetic Action
  • Foreshadowing
  • Discovery


  • Masks make for effective disguises
  • Turning into a giant snake cannot help
  • You must confront prior failures

Old Molder

  • People must act strangely.
  • People must want to climb up to the rooftops.
  • People must abandon things they don’t really need.
  • Strangers must act worse than they really are.
  • People must make a mess anywhere that is completely clean

Nightmare World

  • You are disoriented.
  • You are confused.
  • There are subtle contradictions in the world around you.
  • There are things that you can’t explain.
  • The sun is distorted and strange.
  • You can see. You can hear. You are in possession of your senses.
  • You are hunted by the shadow of your mind.

The Main Players

In Loving Memory

The Supporting Cast

Dig Up the Past, Build Toward the Future (Jade and Raven Irinka, Dracon Celdinar)

  • Dantalion Fisk: BOB progenitor
  • Mourning: Dracon's industrial rival and mysterious foil to the Irinkas.
  • Ilyana Celdinar: A cousin of Dracon's, she's not really into the whole revive Night London plan.
  • Alexandrel Celdinar: Former mayor of Night London, current Celdinar patriarch.
  • The miscellaneous technology-subverting flora of the tower of Babel.

Self-Improvement (Rusty Bob)

  • Vitruvian Machine Oddity
  • The Siblings Sirrida: A pair of mischievous engineers, presumably with Bleak Academy connections.

Wish Spirit Fun-Time Land (Shokyou and Seizhi Stories)

  • Dulcinea D'Avignon: Nightmare sorceress with a fixation on the creatures of wish and dream.
  • Wishes: Specialized fuzzballs that can take on monstrous qualities in the wild.
  • Dream Creatures
  • Garden Creatures
  • Miscellaneous Quest Responsibility

Yggdrasil Court (Forneus and Tenement Stories)

  • Yggdrasil shares Utility Men with other locations in their area.
    • "Sunny": A Spark Man and tinkerer. She has an interest in alternate energy sources. The comatose oddity may not stay that way forever.
    • Denny, the local River Man: Stout, bawdy, with a love of Shakespeare.
    • Sayaka Sukasshu: vampire Bridger, efficient, and productive, experiments with fiber bridges in her free time.
    • Grigori, Ombudsman, public exterminator and miscellaneous services. Enjoys rumors and studies of the undergrowth.
  • Abyssal Luminaries: Old Associates of Forneus
  • The Regional Council

Vampire Families of Note

  • Celdinar: Dracon's family, natch. They're kind of THE vampire family, especially during the days of Night London.
  • Maksimov: Reuben's family. A tad fractious, the Maksimov patriarch was an exorcist of some kind before being a vampire.
  • Forsyth: The second most enthusiastic family regarding the Night London project, responsible for the Forsyth Mobile Works among other projects.
  • Strix: They took the loss of Night London and vampire hegemony poorly, and the Matron will never let Alexandrel forget about it.
  • Sukkashu
  • Antonescu

Fortitude People

  • Hideo Hayashi
  • Miramie Mesmer
  • Kiri Sato, whom you think of as “the smart one,” always off reading about possible illnesses and dangers.
  • Sakura Anastasia Kuga, who shares your sense that the modern world is falling apart, even
  • Danny Kortov, who’s always getting lost in the basement.
  • that practically feral girl whom you see around now and then.


  • Edony Marguerite
  • Marigold March: Pseudo-matriarch of the March clan and retired Excrucian. Psychobotany and Xenobotany enthusiast.
  • Theresa: An elder Spark Man who was responsible for the Theresa's Tower fiasco. Fascination with rays and projections. Takes failure in stride.

Side Chapter Characters

Points of Interest

  • Reuben's Refrigeration
    • Obstacle 1 against withering or aging magics
    • You must offer respite from the light
    • You must hold on to what is meaningful
  • Theresa's Tower: A failed Tesla Tower built before Old Molder utilized the comatose Oddity.
  • The Broken Palace
  • Yggdrasil Court
  • Shokyou Gardens
    • The Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder
      • Focus on rooftop gardens, plant boxes by the window, the central garden with the Wishing Tree
      • Gain a +1 Tool to Gardening actions
    • The Hopes, Wishes and Dreams of the People of Old Molder
      • Focus on the general impression of a bunch of dreams or common elements in them.
      • +1 Tool to deal with something you've been avoiding while dreaming.
  • Tower of Babel
    • What will happen has already happened.
    • Everything that has happened has a room in the tower.
    • The architecture of the tower is appropriate to the room.
    • West is the future, East is the past.
    • Clocks are vehicles, doorways, windows and maps.
    • The Sun rises and sets only once, and is visible through the windows.

HG Quests

The Rooftop Gardens of Old Molder, 5/21 XP

3 XP

  • A denizen of Shokyou's Garden causes trouble for Shokyou (or anyone else participating in this quest).
  • Talk someone into implementing a rooftop garden.
  • Organize a community gardening project.

1/chapter Actions:

  • Shoot the breeze about gardening topics.
  • Work on a rooftop garden.
  • Weed out or root out pests.
  • Recover an interesting species of plant from the Garden/Under Molder
  • Create a denizen of the Garden to solve a problem.
  • In an unrelated conversation, shove a mention of gardening or gardens in
  • Make or set aside a trinket with which to decorate the garden (such as a cloth pinwheel)

XP Action Record

Terra_Oblivion: Foreshadowing
FrivYeti: Foreshadowing, Be In Trouble
cadaeic: Discovery
Fluorite: Foreshadowing


Book 1, Chapter 2: After Dark
Book 1, Chapter 3: It's Who You Know
Book 1, Chapter 4

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