Dig Deep, Build High

A campaign of exploring beautiful places, scavenging for neat items, and building great things.

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Properties and Conventions

XP Actions

  • Shock
  • Sympathetic Action
  • Foreshadowing
  • Discovery


  • Masks make for effective disguises
  • Turning into a giant snake cannot help
  • You must confront prior failures

Old Molder

  • People must act strangely.
  • People must want to climb up to the rooftops.
  • People must abandon things they don’t really need.
  • Strangers must act worse than they really are.
  • People must make a mess anywhere that is completely clean

Nightmare World

  • You are disoriented.
  • You are confused.
  • There are subtle contradictions in the world around you.
  • There are things that you can’t explain.
  • The sun is distorted and strange.
  • You can see. You can hear. You are in possession of your senses.
  • You are hunted by the shadow of your mind.

The Main Players

In Loving Memory

The Supporting Cast

Important Groups and Organizations

Industrial Shenanigans (Dracon)

  • Mourning: Dracon's industrial rival and mysterious foil to the Irinkas.
  • Suzu Shimizu: Ghost receptionist

Wish Spirit Fun-Time Land (Shokyou and Seizhi Stories)

  • Dulcinea D'Avignon: Nightmare sorceress with a fixation on the creatures of wish and dream.
  • Dream Creatures
  • Garden Creatures
  • Miscellaneous Quest Responsibility

Yggdrasil Court (Forneus and Tenement Stories)

  • Yggdrasil shares Utility Men with other locations in their area.
    • "Sunny": A Spark Man and tinkerer. She has an interest in alternate energy sources. The comatose oddity may not stay that way forever.
    • Denny, the local River Man: Stout, bawdy, with a love of Shakespeare.
    • Sayaka Sukasshu: vampire Bridger, efficient, and productive, experiments with fiber bridges in her free time.
    • Grigori, Ombudsman, public exterminator and miscellaneous services. Enjoys rumors and studies of the undergrowth.

Fortitude People

  • Hideo Hayashi
  • Miramie Mesmer
  • Kiri Sato, whom you think of as “the smart one,” always off reading about possible illnesses and dangers.
  • Sakura Anastasia Kuga, who shares your sense that the modern world is falling apart, even though neither of you is old enough to make that attitude convincing.
  • Danny Kortov, who’s always getting lost in the basement.
  • that practically feral girl whom you see around now and then.


  • Edony Marguerite
  • Marigold March: Pseudo-matriarch of the March clan and retired Excrucian. Psychobotany and Xenobotany enthusiast.

Side Chapter Characters

Points of Interest

  • Reuben's Refrigeration
    • Obstacle 1 against withering or aging magics
    • You must offer respite from the light
    • You must hold on to what is meaningful
  • Theresa's Tower: A failed Tesla Tower built before Old Molder utilized the comatose Oddity.
  • The Broken Palace
  • Yggdrasil Court
  • Shokyou Gardens
    • The Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder
      • Focus on rooftop gardens, plant boxes by the window, the central garden with the Wishing Tree
      • Gain a +1 Tool to Gardening actions
    • The Hopes, Wishes and Dreams of the People of Old Molder
      • Focus on the general impression of a bunch of dreams or common elements in them.
      • +1 Tool to deal with something you've been avoiding while dreaming.
  • Tower of Babel
    • What will happen has already happened.
    • Everything that has happened has a room in the tower.
    • The architecture of the tower is appropriate to the room.
    • West is the future, East is the past.
    • Clocks are vehicles, doorways, windows and maps.
    • The Sun rises and sets only once, and is visible through the windows.

HG Quests

The Rooftop Gardens of Old Molder, 5/21 XP

3 XP

  • A denizen of Shokyou's Garden causes trouble for Shokyou (or anyone else participating in this quest).
  • Talk someone into implementing a rooftop garden.
  • Organize a community gardening project.

1/chapter Actions:

  • Shoot the breeze about gardening topics.
  • Work on a rooftop garden.
  • Weed out or root out pests.
  • Recover an interesting species of plant from the Garden/Under Molder
  • Create a denizen of the Garden to solve a problem.
  • In an unrelated conversation, shove a mention of gardening or gardens in
  • Make or set aside a trinket with which to decorate the garden (such as a cloth pinwheel)

XP Action Record

MrPrim: Sympathetic Action
FrivYeti: Sympathetic Action, Be In Trouble
cadaeic: Decisive Action
Fluorite: Foreshadowing, Sympathetic Action


Book 1, Chapter 2: After Dark
Book 1, Chapter 3: It's Who You Know
Book 1, Chapter 4

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