Contrapposto Crusade

Genre: Techno

The following are Genre actions.

  • Sympathetic Action, where you see someone who’s all frozen up (from emotion, shock, a sudden change of context, the spotlight suddenly on them) and you express comfort, reassurance, or sympathy;
  • Foreshadowing, where you pay a lot of attention to something. After a while, you react or emote; and;
  • Discovery, where you’re exploring somewhere you’ve never been, or trying something that you’ve never done—and you find or learn something! And finally;
  • Shock, where you're stuck, overwhelmed, where someone else needs to come and show you sympathy.


  • Growing up is hard and nobody understands
  • It just keeps happening


The Presession
The game has yet to begin, in earnest. You're still on Earth, still living your life before the game. Things are as normal now as they're ever going to be.

But, even now, Paradox Space makes its influence felt. Just because you aren't currently playing the game does not mean you're not a part of it.

The Properties of the Presession are:

  • Guardians must Strife! with their charges
  • The meteors are already coming though nobody knows
  • The game cannot be activated without tests of mettle
  • Sylladexes are BULLSHIT!
  • Game abstractions are taken as perfectly normal

Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

  • VINCE, the Heir of Doom
  • ERROR, The Hand of Math
  • ???, The Knight of Void

Dead Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Guardians
    • Vince's UNCLE
    • Gabriel's FATHER
    • Michaela's COUSIN
    • The DUCHESS who once-owned Ajax's home
    • The DRY GIANT who keeps ERROR in crickets and mealworms
  • Otherworldly Voices
    • honeysuckleGodhead, Gabriel's Otherworldly Messenger

Game Stats

  • Chapter 1 - Intro Tune
    • Actions
      • Gabriel 1/2 (Foreshadowing)
      • Vince 2/2 (Foreshadowing and Shock!)
      • Michaela 1/2 (Foreshadowing)
      • Ajax 0/2
      • ERROR 1/2 (Foreshadowing)
      • ??? 0/2
    • Game Quest: Enter
      • Gabriel 3/18
      • Vince 2/18
      • Michaela 3/18
      • Ajax 0/18
      • ERROR 1/18
      • ??? 0/18
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