Riley McArthur

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Riley McArthur, the Maid of Rage

Emotion XP: Aww!


Height: 1.7m
Favourite foods: cheese! Mead!
Hobbies: reading, training
Strife-Kind: Spearkind! (Star-Splitter Mk.I and MkII)

Resources & Wounds

Will 8/8
MP 5/5
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]
Divine Health [ ] [ ]


(Superior) Hapless Heroics 3
Shine 3
Connection: Rage 2
"Rest and Food Fix Everything!" 1
Skaldic Heart 1
Avoiding Trouble -1


Accessory: Star-Splitter
Bonus: Touch of Fate
Connection: Ayumu Mori [1]
Connection: Matt Ritter [1]
Connection: Lilith Ivanov [2]
Connection: Lily Watanabe [2]

Mortal Powers

  • [2] Bond: Rage beyond measure!
  • [X] Affliction: "There's no escaping destiny…"
  • Level-up! Mortal 0 to Mortal 1

Miraculous Powers

Arc Trait: Immortality

  • 0 MP - damage or enchantment has only a temporary, appropriate effect on me.
  • 1MP - totally recover and shrug everything off 1-2 times, mid-scene.
  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, shrug off all attacks and other effects like they're paper tigers.
  • 4 MP - become basically unaffected by the world around you.

Estate: the Roaring Sea [Child of Ash 0]

  • Mood – Rage
  • Wicked Mode - Valor

Set the Mood [Child of Ash 0]

  • 0 MP - given time, evoke one of my moods!
  • 4 MP - invoke this power with a word.

Mood-Splosion [Child of Ash 0]

  • 0 MP - 1/book, invoke a Mood-Splosion!
  • 4 MP - use this power a second or later time in a book.

Kaiju Form [Child of Ash 0]

  • 0 MP - become a kaiju over the course of several minutes.
  • 4 MP - become a kaiju instantly!

Mortal Form [Child of Ash 0]

  • 0 MP - 1/book, between two chapters, revert to my mortal form.
  • 1 MP - switch back a second or later time per book.
  • 2 MP - switch back mid-chapter (over the course of a few minutes).
  • 4 MP - assume mortal form instantly.

Shed Scales [Child of Ash 1]

  • 0 MP - starting mid-scene, ignore size related obstacles 1-2x/scene.
  • 1 MP - starting mid-scene, do so an additional time.
  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, do so as often as necessary.
  • 4 MP - at any time, do so as often as you'd like.

Issues and Quests

Vice 0 Despite everything, I'm still a hero…
Hollow 2 I…I'm not sure I can hold onto myself.

Progress [Child of Ash 1-2]

Arc XP: 0/72
Unspent XP: 0


Can't Rest
Type: basic
XP: 7/9

  • gain 1 XP / once a scene when you press on, or drive forward – even when it's unadvisable or you should rest.

Quest 1: New quest!
Type: X
XP: 0/0

The HG can award 3 XP toward this quest when:

  • X

1/chapter you can earn bonus XP toward this quest when you:

  • X

The Cut of Your Jib

Mewling girl, grand hero, Godling…Riley has become much more than she bargained for when she set out into SUBURB all those many moons ago. She has quarrelled with friends, died. Rewritten the past of the universe - just to be a natural child, and not an adoption loved all the same. And more than anything, she has struggled. Struggled with loss, and loss of hope. Struggled to overcome, and struggled with failure. Riley has killed, and fought against impossible odds - danced between battleships, watched c-beams glitter in the dark. She has deceived and lied; made deals with devils just to double-cross them. And more than anything else, she can no longer tell you who she is…

Because she doesn't know. Because she's changed - changing. She is on the cusp of a brilliant transformation: from Godling to God. And she will make the transition. But what she can't guarantee…is how much of her life will survive the experience. Overcome with a rage as yet impossible to control, Riley has so far found no equal. And that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear.



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