Main Characters

  • Robin Ashima-Yaho, Magister of the Dark, Imperator of Oaths, Fragments and Apocalypse. Goblin-Queen, Birdfriend and Goddess of the End of the World.
  • Khyra Hektammiz, Noble of Fragments
  • Mark, Noble of Apocalypse
  • Annette, Noble of Oaths

sample character sheet

Locus Robin Ashima-Yaho

Also known as Succoth-Benoth, The Ox of Decay.

  • Your inner conflicts are writ on the outside world
  • That which is divided must unite, that which is united must divide
  • The world is dying
  • Life thrives amidst death
  • The souls of the dead become birds

A gigantic ox that trundles across an endless barren plain, slowly dying as it walks. In its rotting flesh grow fungal forests inhabited by mushroom men and other, stranger denizens. On the plate between its horns sits cities made of bone, where dwell spirits of fleas, fungi and birds.

Whenever someone on Earth is faced with a critical decision, there is a chance that they will be swept away by bird-spirits to the chancel Succoth-Benoth, there to face their conflicts writ large on the world. Sometimes they come to a conclusion and are returned, always to the time of their decision no matter how long it took. Sometimes they fail and die, and their souls take flight as Robin Ashima-Yaho's messengers and servants. And sometimes they stay.

Notable NPCs

Alekos Sideris, Duke of Purity

Current Status

XP Pool: 12

Book 1, Chapter 1

  • Mark: Science, Faith and Sorcery. +1 Turn Back!
  • Robin: Wicked Action
  • Annette: Decisive Action
  • Mark: Wicked Action. +1 Turn Back!
  • Annette: Science, Faith and Sorcery. +1 Turn Back!
  • Khyra: Decisive Action. +1 XP.
  • Robin: Science, Faith and Sorcery. +1 XP.

Things Worth Recording:

Oath: that you will not reveal the details of what I shall speak to any who have not sworn the selfsame oath, and furthermore that you will take the necessary measures to conceal these details. And that should these matters be discovered or this oath be broken, that you will bear the consequences of that discovery, for good or ill, as will all others who have so sworn, for all as it would be for one. There are other details, but I cannot speak of them, since I they are covered by the oath that I have sworn. Simply place your hand upon it. The Lady Robin and the baby as well.

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