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The Main Players

Count Dorku: Hestia, The Wizard's Tower
MrPrim: Isabella Parsi, the Cinephile
Brontes: Gretchen Wunderkind, the Wunderkind
drearyArchon: Regulus Quill, the Occultist

Past Players

Anno Nimus: Amaranth, the Undying
Hollow Spectacular: Dougie Bell, the Recanted Prodigy
Aewon: Howard Ingram, the Incandescent Janitor
Delacroix (may come back some day!): Kirpan Singh, Ace Detective

Genre and Setting

XP Actions

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Shared Action: Reach out to someone doing something simple and honest. Try to connect.
421853623576952842.png?v=1 Shared Reaction: Reach out to someone. Try to connect.
421853556862222344.png?v=1 Slice of Life: React to the world. Get stuck in a moment or lost in a mood.
421853635346169866.png?v=1 Obsessive Action: Tip over the edge into obsession, or short out and shut down mentally.


  • Masks are extremely effective disguises.
  • Magic reveals itself over time.
  • Growth requires change.

Region Properties

Stranger's Glade

  • People can’t resist a bit of gossip.
  • People must rely on one another.
  • Strangers must present friendly faces to each other unless recently hurt.
  • People must be aware of their social standing.
  • People can forgive, but they can’t forget.

The Forest

  • The forest must hold mysteries.
  • The forest must nurture magic.
  • Cleverness must be rewarded.
  • Ordinary societal norms seem unimportant
  • The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

The Lake and its Surroundings

  • You must feel the presence of nature.
  • It’s easy to mingle and relax.
  • The world seems idealized.
  • There is always more going on beneath the surface.
  • You are seen.

HG Quests

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Town Festival Prep (8/18 XP)

There are still a few weeks until summer, but the big lakeside festival to celebrate the season won't organize itself! Will you lend your town a hand? Fair warning: things could get tougher than you'd expect!

(Note: each PC can hit a 1 XP quest trigger each chapter. 3 XP triggers are still one time only.)

3 XP:

  • Bridge a major communication gap between two important parties.
  • Prevent the festival's catastrophic collapse.
  • Appease or drive out a great lake spirit, rampaging megabeast, or strange cryptid.

1 XP:

  • Chat with someone about your plans for the festival.
  • Learn historical context for the festival.
  • A supernatural creature makes your job a little harder.
  • Fail to be in two places at once.
  • Narrowly avert a minor disaster.
  • An important town figure gets tangled in a banner.

NPCs and Plot Details

The Supporting Cast

Important townsfolk

  • Mayor Isolde Kikuchi, the town's tireless public servant with a big heart and a bigger personality. Rumors abound that she's cursed, but no one can agree how, and people mostly seem to like her regardless. Strives to bring together the interests of the magical and mundane populations.
  • Eunice Laurens, matriarch of the oldest family in Stranger's Glade and unofficial grandma of the entire town. Will lend her ear to just about anyone. Unusually knowledgeable about the supernatural and has odd views on witches.

Family of the PCs

  • Victor Bell, local plumber and Dougie's uncle. A hardworking and patient man who was happy to take his nephew under his wing. Off the clock he's enthusiastic about magic and the supernatural, but doesn't understand it at all.
  • Isha Singh, Kirpan's daughter. A cheerful, athletic, slightly ditzy girl who has no trouble making friends. Adores her dad, but can be quite a handful.
  • Javid Parsi, Isabella's cousin who also happens to be a villainous cat burglar. They have a good relationship.
  • Olivia "Liv" Wunderkind, Gretchen's mother and Stranger's Glade's resident civil engineer/geomancer. Sober and dependable, she deals with everything from magical disasters to her daughter's mad science antics with a straight face.
  • Kirby Wunderkind, Gretchen's father, a stay-at-home dad slash freelance writer, though he dabbles in other things. More artistically inclined than his wife, he does his best to support Gretchen and teach her right from wrong.
  • Faustus Wunderkind, Gretchen's older brother. Though he loves his sister, he's a bad influence, a fact Gretchen may be too young to realize. He just got a science degree from Big City U but he's quickly burning out.

Children of the town

  • Hyacinth Reed, an excitable girl with a deep love of the supernatural and absolutely no sense of skepticism. She sees life as one big adventure waiting to be had.
  • Tony Legrande, a headstrong boy who loves fishing and martial arts. He dreams of being a treasure hunter some day and is always on the lookout for cool stuff to collect.
  • Alta Riviere, a determined girl who aspires to be a wizard. Sometimes she even wears a fake beard to complete the look. Probably the most book-smart member of the Mermaid Patrol, but intelligence isn't the same thing as rationality.
  • Juniper Collins, a sweet, timid girl who tags along with the Mermaid Patrol whenever possible. She's always there to help her friends.
  • Elias Swanson, a friendly boy who likes working with his hands. Probably the most sensible member of the Mermaid Patrol. His dad is the high school shop teacher.
  • Badger Reynolds, an enterprising boy who isn't part of the Mermaid Patrol but deals with them often. He lurks in improbable corners hawking a 10-year-old's idea of contraband. He can get you those shoes with wheels you need… for a price.
  • Pierre Revue, Gretchen's self-proclaimed rival, a 10-year-old prodigy who loves the scientific method more than life itself and wants to advance human knowledge. He does not approve of Gretchen's lax approach to research design and seems to take it personally somehow.


  • Raquelle Defleur, Isabella's only employee at the Video Heaven. She knows nothing about movies and has never even watched Titanic!

Supernatural folk

  • Delfina Gottwald, the most senior witch in the area. Lives quite a ways into the forest and is rarely seen in person. Mentions of her name tend to make townsfolk nervous, but she's not known to be actively hostile.

Cryptids and creatures

  • Mr. Stuffins nee Wunderkind: Faustus's pet cat currently in Gretchen's care. Magical enough to be smarter than the average cat, but otherwise a normal cat. Kind of sardonic and lethargic. Only Gretchen really talks to him, possibly Faustus if he's magic.


  • The Mermaid Patrol, a group of elementary schoolers who investigate supernatural mysteries.

Points of Interest

Shops and businesses

  • The Boxcar, an aggressively well maintained 50's-style diner. The food is good and reasonably priced, but people say the owner is overbearing.
  • Dufour-Lavigne's Bakery, run by first- and second-generation French immigrants and boasting the best pastries in the county.
  • A Taste of Heaven, the local creamery. Their ice cream selection pretty great, with lots of unique flavors, but they have some bizarre slogans printed on their cones and paper cups.
  • The Silver Goat Restaurant and Bar, an establishment by the docks built around the same time as the resort. It's a bit on the pricey side, but still popular, especially with tourists and weekenders.
  • Meadowbrook's General Store, a flourishing shop that also has a coffee bar and florist's counter.
  • Crafty Cryptids, a craft store that’s well stocked with supplies from the mundane to the dubiously magical. (Yeti-hair yarn? Really?). Its logo is two unicorns using their horns to knit.
  • Stranger's Glade Family Pharmacy, where the head pharmacist is openly a witch. She and the rest of her staff have mundane qualifications, though, and there's no better place to go for seasonal allergies or pixie bites.
  • Syrup Creek Abnormalities Museum, a less than informative tourist trap. Most of their daily business comes from tourists, but some of the locals patronize the attached cafe for its genuinely good monster-themed menu, and it hosts some fun community events.
  • Hemlock's Occult Supplies, which has a weird half-assed Victorian aesthetic but a fairly solid lineup of magical products.
  • Caveat Emporium, a shop that mostly deals in mundane antiques. The proprietor does sell some cursed and enchanted items which are clearly marked as such, and he offers some curse removal services as well.
  • Steady Hands Nursery, which sells every kind of plant you could possibly grow in Stranger's Glade's climate. None of the owner's wares are magical, but many of her best customers are witches, and spirits can often be found on the nursery's grounds.
  • Video Heaven, Isabella Parsi's video store, which is still running. When it's quiet you can hear movies playing, even when the store's TVs all seem to be off.

Public areas

  • Stranger's Glade Elementary School, a fairly small but immaculately well-kept school with only a couple of hundred students. It's on the northeast side of town and the playground borders some light woods, so pixies sometimes show up to play pranks on students during recess.
  • Stranger's Glade Middle School
  • Stranger's Glade High School
  • Brennan Memorial Library, the town's only public library. Between a chronic lack of funds and recent mismanagement, it's become outdated and disorganized. (They still use punch cards!) However, with the new funds coming into town, they're making an effort to fix things up again.
  • Black Oak Park, the park north of town, with mostly mundane stories attached to every spot: this stretch of trail is where some guy tripped and got lost for a week, this hill is where a kid almost got bitten by a rare snake, they say if you dance in this inexplicably perfect circle of trees you’ll turn invisible for six hours, that kind of thing.
  • The docks and surrounding lakeshore, where people keep their boats and go to fish or picnic. It's a pretty area insulated from the rest of the town by a wooded strip of land.
  • Syrup Creek Cemetery, the town's main spot for burials. Its trees are full of spiders and there are plenty of ghost stories about the place, but normally there’s not much supernatural activity. Well, except for the weekly ghost meetups on Saturday evenings. (Gotta do something with your afterlife.)
  • An abandoned gas station practically across the road from the high school. Rumors of haunting abound.
  • The old well a couple hundred feet into the woods behind the Wizard of Wonder's abandoned house.

Neighborhoods and homes

  • The Golden Horn Resort, a recently constructed resort complex that sees a good amount of business during the summer. It boasts stunning views of the lake and forest, comprehensive tours, and the best wifi in town, though it's a bit overpriced.
  • Clearing Cross, a nice apartment complex by the resort. It doesn't have a view of the lake, but does boast a swimming pool and a walking trail that goes to the park.
  • The vacation neighborhood on the hills overlooking the lake, where weekenders and folks who retire to Stranger's Glade tend to live. Driving through is a bit difficult, but the area is pleasant, with uniquely built houses surrounded by trees.
  • The forest mansions, a group of variously fancy homes nestled along the road leading through the forest. They are almost exclusively home to witches, wizards, and wannabes.
  • The southern neighborhoods, where many of the more settled townsfolk live. Its population skews towards the mundane.
  • Hestia, an abandoned Carpenter Gothic house on the edge of town.

Relics, ruins, and supernatural spots

  • Amaranth's Tomb
  • Forest caves, nameless unexplored caves rumored to be found deep in the forest.
  • Arcade Inferno, a closed-down arcade near the Video Heaven. It still seems to get power somehow…
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