Chance Made Us Neighbors

The Shop-Keeper

Emotion XP: Gratitude

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


  • Dark Magic 3
  • Shop Keeper 2
  • Kindly and genteel 2
  • Small town kinda guy 1
  • Relic hunter 0
  • Shine 3 (perk from Knave of Hearts)


  • Shine 3 (from Knave)
  • Bond (3): Let's make a deal! (equal level to Knave)
  • Region Property for his shop: "There is something here you would do anything for."


  • (None yet!)

Health and Wounds

Normal: [] []
Tough: []
Divine: [] []


Current Arc: 421853610880532481.png?v=1 Gatekeeper
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

421853610880532481.png?v=1 Gatekeeper 0

421853661862428672.png?v=1 Knave of Hearts 3


Unspent XP: 0

Basic Quest

421853646784036864.png?v=1 I Have Just the Thing (0/9 XP)
When someone really needs something and you can provide it for them, you ooze some sort of variation on the catch-phrase "Oh, I have just the thing."

Storyline Quest

421853610880532481.png?v=1 "Heart's Desire" (0/21 XP)

This is you, a dark and dangerous vendor of cursed items. You're comfortable in this role, but you are beginning to find that you like it here in Stranger's Glade, and that may just be making you question why it is you've become what you are.

3 XP:

  • Something bad happens to your shop, like it flooding or burning down.
  • You help someone in danger without asking for anything in return, and that makes you confused.
  • You open up to someone about the parts of your past you don't remember.
  • A vengeful former customer appears and causes you personal trouble.

1 XP 1/chapter:

  • You sight see around Stranger's Glade.
  • You have a pleasant chat with someone from town.
  • You give a cursed item to someone in your shop.
  • Make vague reference to past mischief.
  • Evil laugh in the shadows!
  • Because of a favour you call in from someone in town bad things happen.
  • Do regular shop stuff, like dusting or accounting.

Quest Miracles

421853610880532481.png?v=1 "What this town needs…" (0/9 XP)
Make a theory about what sort of dark magical item this town could really use. Something poetic and just and yet wicked and cruel.

When finished, you make that item.

421853661862428672.png?v=1 Antihero (0/9 XP)
You're not used to having to be the hero. It doesn't fit you. You have to work at it. As you find yourself having to do good deeds and legitimately help people you hold up a sign that says "Anyone would do the same" and in the back, your true thoughts read; "This is not who you are."

When finished, you draw on Dark power to become a fearsome winged monster, a power always available to dark magicians like yourself, but you had always considered somewhat gauche. Now, to help someone, or the whole town, you will adopt this demonic warform for a time, and can freely switch back and forth until you stop sustaining the Quest Miracle.


Long, long ago, a treasure hunter hung up his hat and opened up a shop. Maybe at first he just wanted to make money, or spread the culture and magic of distant lands, or something equally wholesome. Soon however the shop keeper began peddling only cursed items, tailored to the darkest desires of the buyer. Somehow the shop keeper became more than human, something darker and stranger, and in time he was attacked by mobs of angry villagers and driven out of town.

No matter. There's always business somewhere else. In the monkey paw industry you can call the wars, revolutions and big events like that the feathers in your cap, but for his money Quinton Drapeau preferred the small time. A single murder suicide can leave you with that dark gleeful feeling for a long while.

Long having forgotten why he's become this devilish figure, Quinton is in his old age at his most chill. He likes this current town his shop is in and wants to relax and take his time here. He wants to savour the slow corruption and implosion of Stranger's Glade, and he may even abandon his usual affable temptor role if something or other threatens his town. This … may cause some sort of moral crisis.

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