Ndidi Dahlman, the Giantess

Ndid Dahlman, the Giantess

Emotion XP:
Ndidi: Raised Eyebrows
Giantess: Gaping

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5



  • Stand Out -1 (Not that she doesn't stand out, just that it never makes her happy)
  • Talent Management 1
  • Walking 1
  • Connection: Bea 1
  • Shine 5

The Giantess

  • Stand Out 3
  • Superior Giantess 2
  • Walking 1
  • Heroine 1


  • Split Soul (The Ndidi/Giantess divide)
  • Iconic


  • (None yet!)

Health and Wounds

Normal: [] []
Tough: []
Divine: [] []


Current Arc: Become Someone?
Arc Progress: 1+1/72 XP

Child of Ash 3


Unspent XP: 0

Basic Quest

Lurid 1/15

Storyline Quest

"Stranger in Stranger's Glade" (1/24 XP)

Major Goals
The HG can award you 5 XP when:

  • You are forced to unquestionably confront the magical nature of Stranger's Glade.
  • You get invited to a dinner/party/date/etc. by someone you have a bad impression of and you say yes because you don't know anyone.
  • You spend a Festival alone while the town celebrates.
  • You are no longer a stranger in Stranger's Glade. This probably means you've made friends, enemies, acquaintances and had at least a few deep conversations with people.

You can earn each bonus once, for a total of up to 20 XP.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • You learn the name of a stranger.
  • You get embarrassed by people staring at you.
  • You get lost in town.
  • There's a montage of exploring town.
  • Someone tells you something you didn't know about Strangers Glade.
  • You make a friend.

Local Heroine (1/24 XP)
The HG can award you 5 XP when:

  • You use your size to help a small crying child.
  • You accidentally break a significant piece of local infrastructure.
  • You enter conflict with a villain in a flashy way in a big public arena.
  • A crowd of people cheer your name.

You can earn each bonus once, for a total of up to 20 XP.

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • You forget one of the little people's names.
  • You exalt in people staring at you.
  • You do something you don't want to because it's what a hero would be expected to do.
  • You actively enjoy something magical.
  • You hear someone recounting your deeds.
  • You make an enemy.


Arc 1: Otherworldly 1: Troubled Dreams

People know Ndidi on sight. Not everyone, but enough. This used to be because she stood out. A lot. Being a mixed race woman over six feet tall will do that. These days, however, everyone recognizes her from comics and television.

Ndidi didn't so much decide to escape her small town upbringing, so much got dragged out by her friends. You know the story, Mary started a garage band, Ndidi was pretty useless on drums but no one really seemed to notice and the band was always better with her around. Eventually Ndidi dropped the drums part and acted as their manager… which was a stressful nightmare.

Somewhere around Phoenix the band got overtures from a real company, and Ndidi fell in love… eh, love might be a strong word. It felt like love, but she was young and inexperienced and still doesn't know entirely what to make of it. But, she decided to stay and the band went on to just not be that good without her (something they don't really understand since it's not like Ndidi did much). It didn't last, and she got work modeling and from there Ethan Wind entered her life.

It was a business thing, at first. Wind had seen her image in some magazine, and become inspired. He wanted to pay her to model for him for a project. No nudes, so it was all fine. Turns out he was writing a comic book called Giantess about… well about a Giantess roaming around a fantasy world having adventures. He modeled the character off her.

She arranged an actual contract and managed to get some small royalties out of it, but you don't expect much from a indie comic. She also retained the rights to play the character if a movie was ever made, which she thought would be fun.

But… after the comic came out things began to get weird. Ndidi began to forget things, and rememebr things that hadn't happened. Things that belonged to the character. Ethan would hit writers block, and then she'd tell him a story from her past… something that never happened and it would inspire him to write the next piece.

And piece by piece, stories of her life true and untrue became parts of stories in their own circuitous ways and Ndidi felt less real.

She ran. She had to get out of it. Ethan's books were doing well, she was getting money for doing barely anything, but she was disappearing into his work. She was…
She ran.

Arc 2: Otherworldly 2

Running didn't work.

It helped, for awhile, but the comics followed her. People recognized her almost everywhere she went. They'd ask her questions, and she'd find herself responding in character without thinking. She knew answers to comics she never read.

Ethan kept writing, somehow inspired as much by her absence as her presence, and she felt empty. She ached.
She got odd jobs, she kept moving, she kept looking for something that would make her real. Love, family, a work of her own, nothing worked.

She was broke and scared living on the street when a detective finally tracked her down. Hollywood was calling. They'd pay her to waive the right to the part of Giantess, or else give her a job to take it. Ethan was adamant about honoring it.
She went to LA

Arc 3: Otherworldly 3

Ndidi still doesn't remember much of the filming. 3 seasons and a made for TV movie. There was talk of doing more, of doing spin offs. Even some talk of the big screen, but it never went anywhere. She must have made money, because she has a lot now, but she doesn't remember it.

Or… at least not as it was. As it must have been. She remembers being Giantess. She remembers having adventures and roaming a cheap TV world, but where the sets were real and the cameras absent. She was there… she was…

She was something else. Some dream of Ethan's, a person entirely other than herself. What she needed to be to make the show good. And, it was good. Goofy premise, bad special effects, none of it exactly sang, but she followed direction like a pro, and the supporting cast was great.
It could have lasted a lot longer… gone through a great many seasons.

The first real thing Ndidi remembers is the phone ringing. She answered as though it was the most natural thing in the world for a phone to exist, for her to speak to someone miles and miles away. It was Harry. She hadn't spoken to him since the band broke apart. Hadn't thought of him for the past… however long it had been. He said he looked her up and wondered if she'd like to meet him again. He was having some troubles of his own.
And so, Ndidi saw him for lunch. The band hadn't worked out. He wasn't sure what to do next with his life. He had a lot to change. He was planning on moving away, going back to his weird little hometown and sorting things out. Ndidi knew he needed support, that she could help, and she needed out. So she left with him.

And that's how she came to town. She's renting a townhouse with Harry, only Harry's now going by Bea and Ndidi still feels kind of weird about that after all these years, but she still supports her friend.
How she's trying to figure out who she is, what she is, and how to get back to normal…
This might be the wrong town for that.

What's their name? Ndidi Janet Dhalman
What’s a good 1-2-word summary of their academic ability? C+ Student (her classmates tended to get A+s… inspired to work hard by her befuddled failures)
What’s a good 1-2-word summary of their athletic ability? Athletic giant.
Do you know their blood type? O-Negative, Universal Donor, obviously.
What's their favorite food? Jansson’s frestelse. Much as her Igbo food makes her homesick, it's her father's people's food she really likes. Not when he cooks it, though.
What’s a zodiac or real animal that you think has a similar nature to theirs? The rhinoceros becomes a unicorn when described.

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