Mr. Aqua, The Agent


Mr. Aqua — That’s not his real name. When it was assigned, his superior explained, in a tired voice, that Mister Black was already assigned. As were Mr. Blue, Ms. Green, Mr. Violet, and 75 other secret agent designations, so it was either Mr. Aqua or Mr. Tangerine — works for a government agency. What agency? Classified. He wears black suits and sunglasses. He sports a conservative haircut. He has a badge. He often carries a briefcase, sometimes cuffed to his wrist. He has a gun. He has a device which is supposed to wipe your memory, but scientists couldn’t perfect it and so it’s just a big flashbulb. But it can be an effective threat.

Mr. Aqua’s agency has been around since 1938, when it managed to convince everyone a worldwide Martian invasion was just a radio show hoax. It’s very secret. So secret that Congress isn’t allowed to know about it. Which means it never has enough funding.

When he was assigned to Stranger’s Glade, Mr. Aqua thought that it would be a simple task convincing the town to cover up the truth. But when he met with the mayor, he was told that the Sasquatch Tours, conducted by actual Bigfeet, were bringing in too much revenue, and the Chamber of Commerce loved the reaction to Wizard’s Night Sale last month.

But Mr. Aqua has a job to do. Keep people from realizing the truth is out there. And he will do it, come hell or high water.

Emotion XP

Head Desk


Deadpan 3 He is very good at delivering lines in a straight and serious tone, and the sunglasses make it hard to read his expression
Paperwork 2 Coverups mean a lot of paperwork
Movie Secret Agent 1 He can sometimes do thrilling things
Loyal 2 He supports his agency. He supports his friends


Affliction [Based on Over Your Head]: Unlucky. The more he has to deal with, the more likely he is to slip on a banana peel.

Connections: ??

Arcs: Spiritual (Overworked and underfunded bureaucracies) 1 / Troubled 2+

Spiritual Overworked and underfunded bureaucracies 1

Before Mr. Aqua got assigned to do fieldwork, he was part of the office staff, learning the ins and outs of the massive paperwork a shadowy government agency must accomplish.

Elemental Warning — (Chthonic, Automatic) Few people realize what would happen if the many (often secret and shadowy) agencies stopped functioning.but a few funding crises have made Mr. Aqua recognize the signs instinctively.

Illusions — (Miraculous) This gives the impression you are either subject to or working for an agency that has too many regulations and not enough people. It might make a line feel longer, or a form seem particularly important, or work feel like it’s dragging on forever. If people pay attention though they’ll realize it’s just a short line or simple form. (Work always does drag though, doesn’t it?) 0 MP, 1MP to use again within a few hours.

Spirit-Sense — (Miraculous Action) Whether you are dealing with your taxes and the IRS (Mr. Aqua files his conscientiously) or the blood oaths that a sorcerer’s guild requires, the basic operational structure is the same. Just by looking at a business, he can get an idea of its structure and details of operation, provided it’s not run too effectively or prosperously. 1 MP

Spirit-Speaker — While Spirit-Sense is active, Mr. Aqua can ask the bureaucracy to do things for him, such as get him paperwork faster, or cause the computer in cubicle 14G to crash.

Spirit Boost — (Miraculous Action) Mr. Aqua can make a bureaucracy — or at least an office building’s worth if it’s a big one — significantly more effective or significantly more bureaucratic. A report which might take days to compile can be done in hours, or you might be forced to fill out ten forms in triplicate if you want an answer to the question “what time do you close today?” (2 MP, 4 MP more than once a chapter)

Divine Mantle — (Miraculous Action) Mr. Aqua has had to work with actual carbon copies because the regulations dealing with duplications in the agency are from 1963. Mere firebolts don’t faze him. He can get 1 Miraculous Edge for a scene. 1 MP

Troubled 2

Frantic — Mr. Aqua's extensive training has made him used to dealing with being In Trouble, and lets him get an MP for that situation.

Title —(Level 2 Bond) Mr. Aqua are an Agent. This is a Level 2 Bond to do things a Man In Black would do.

Costume — (Miraculous Action) Mr. Aqua always has a neatly pressed, well fitting, but otherwise unremarkable black suit nearby. He has a badge, an official looking briefcase, and similar tools at his disposal. If for some reason he is not wearing this (e.g., he is swimming), he always has them “nearby, because an agent is always prepared.)

Secrets and Lies (Miraculous Action): Mr. Aqua’s agency has extensive dossiers on subjects he might find interesting, though they can be poorly organized. Simple facts and figures about the subject are easy, 0 MP. Learning the “how” and “why” of something takes more work and 1 MP. And the files marked double-super-secret with valuable clues require 2 MP to access. The agency isn’t infaillible, so if there’s a lot of bad intel out there Mr. Aqua will need to learn to spot it.

The Dark Side (Miraculous Action): Mr. Aqua has developed a sixth sense for when people are flaunting The Truth (e.g., the Greys that visit us, or that demonology works) from miles away. This doesn’t give him details, but lets him know it’s going on.

Scheme (Miraculous Action) — When confronted with a problem that should be solvable within the course of a story, Mr. Aqua can figure out how to fix it. He can propose something which would work to resolve this by the end of the chapter, though he might not be able to make it happen. (0MP once per book/4 MP after)

Slippery (Miraculous Action) — As an agent, Mr. Aqua has received extensive training from [Redacted] in dealing with a wide variety of hostile supernatural effects. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, he could not attend the advanced course and it sometimes takes a while for his techniques to kick in. But if he is affected by magic or a miracle and chooses not to resist it, he can slip the effects at the end of the scene or when the effect is no longer sustained. (1 MP)

In the Shadows (Miraculous) — Mr. Aqua can be a world-class surveiller, tracking a target. He can automatically see any open goings on in their vicinity, use Skills to track secret doings, and stay aware of the broad outlines of what’s happening in the neighborhood. Mr. Aqua is hard pin down while this is going on. Though people might think they’ve caught a sign someone’s there’ there’s an obstacle 3-4 to pinpointing his location (which affects his actions as well). He can come out of hiding for a few minutes, though the less plausible his appearing is the bigger an obstacle he needs to overcome (0-1 if no one’s around to see you appear; 2+ if you could be noticed). (0 MP once or twice a book; 2 MP thereafter).


Anytime Quest: Part of my job (1/9)

(Pastoral) Mr. Aqua is always on the job. It's a pity you don't have proper clearance to know exactly why this is part of his job, but you can tell he's working because of his catchphrase, "I'm Afraid That's Classified."

Emptiness 1: House Arrest (2/21)

Mr. Aqua hasn't had much luck in getting Stranger's Glade to behave. But he thinks he's found a nice simple task. He's found a sentient dwelling which calls herself Hestia, which happens to have a nearly humanoid avatar, and he's convinced he can convince her to keep a low profile and fit in with mundane society. How hard can this be?

Major goals

  • Hestia does something overtly supernatural in front of others while you are explaining to her why she shouldn't.
  • You establish a reason why you need Hestia —why she's sustaining you, why you’d be at risk without it.
  • You establish a reason why Hestia is hurting you, breaking you, damaging your ability to live an ordinary life.

Flavor goals

  • guiding someone through Stranger's Glade
  • talking with somebody about Hestia
  • talking with somebody about what dreams are, as compared to reality;
  • talking with somebody about whether the world deserves to exist, whether it’s good or bad, or whether that even matters.
  • get in a row with somebody over/about Hestia
  • refusing to retreat to Hestia, even though things are very bad. or
  • retreating to Hestia.

Wounds and Issues


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