Morigel Silverhair

The Fae Lady

Emotion XP: Shiver of Wonder/Terror

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 5/5


Sword Mistress 3
Greater Glamour 2
Storyteller 1
Superior Fae Noble 2
Superior Huntress 3 (from Creature of Fable)


  • Bond (2): I must fulfill any agreement I make.
  • (TBD)


  • (None yet!)

Health and Wounds

Normal: [] []
Tough: []
Divine: [] []


Current Arc: 421853623576952842.png?v=1 Sentimental
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Sentimental 0

421853646784036864.png?v=1 Creature of Fable 3


Unspent XP: 0

Basic Quest

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Entertainer (1/9 XP)

Morigel often finds herself spinning illusions for children of the town. You can tell she enjoys this, because she exhibits a relaxed smile, which gives her an XP.

Storyline Quest

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Connecting (0/15 XP)

You can hit each of these triggers once for 3 XP:

  • Get in trouble trying to reach out to or connect with the town;
  • Get in trouble trying to help the town, and it or they in some fashion support you.

Once per chapter, you can do any one of these things for an XP:

  • listening to stories about Stranger's Glade
  • consciously trying to connect with Stranger's Glade
  • exploring how to live in Stranger's Glade
  • talking to people about how they live in Stranger's Glade
  • spending time around town and thinking about the parts of that that are “different” from your usual life.


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