Chance Made Us Neighbors

The Wizard's Tower


One would think that the weird old wizard of wonder would live in a suitably weird house. At first glance, you would be disappointed; it's certainly an old house, but the tumbledown Carpenter Gothic structure isn't particularly large, particularly strange, or particularly ornate - it has a small tower that looks to be little more than a room on a stick, but other than that it appears pretty nondescript at first glance.

First glances are misleading. This house is alive.

Hestia, named after the goddess of the hearth, has been a home to sorcerers since her construction in the late nineteenth century. Her interior space is vast beyond comprehension, and even the Wizard of Wonder has yet to explore all her rooms - plus, she can shift them about more or less on a whim. She appears lived-in tumbledown when she's happy, and dare-you-to-spend-a-night-in-the-haunted-house tumbledown when she isn't.

Hestia has some secrets, however. First, she has a human-scale body that the Wizard of Wonder doesn't know about. Her avatar - stitched together from junk and old fabric, with a glamour cast upon it to appear mortal - allows her to meander around town and get involved in stuff. (This avatar resembles a teenage girl, and could best be described as "charmingly dishevelled" most of the time.) Second, and probably worse on the whole, is that the horror that has slumbered in her basement for over a century has begun to reawaken!

Arc: Child of the Ash 2 (Otherworldly)/Wounded Angel 1 (Bindings)
Current Arc: Wounded Angel 2 (Bindings)


- (Superior) Magic House 2
- Curious 3
- (Magical) Illusions 2
- Gardener 1
- Outsider -1

Emotion XP: Thumbs-Up

Element: The World Within The Walls

Mood: Friendliness

Kaiju Form: Hestia can unleash her house-body in various ways, the most ridiculous being a sort of Baba Yaga routine. She can also construct an ersatz house-body around her avatar-body using stuff in the surrounding area.

Blasphemy: Something lurks in her basement!


Set the Mood ("People must be friendly")
Wicked Mode ("People must be fearful")
Kaiju Form
Mortal Form
Shed Scales
Defensive Shield
Elemental Connection
Dramatic: Turns up when people she cares about are in danger.
Devices: Hestia switches masks around to use her magic!
Cage for a Blasphemy

Empowered Wounds:
Confusing: Hestia is strange and neither she nor humans really "get" each other. On the bright side, this gives her the Unpick power, which allows her to rearrange both her house-body and her puppet-body - for example, by sticking one arm on the end of the other for extra reach.
Brittle: A house that's recently lost someone is a sad house indeed, and Hestia's brave face is beginning to crack. This gives her the Warden power, which can give her incredible strength and control when protecting someone!


Bond 2: I protect the ones I care about.
Affliction 1: Magic surrounds me
Connection 1: Albert Blackstone, the Homebody


Basic Quest

Figuring Out Humans (Blue - 9 XP)
Hestia likes humans, but she's not entirely sure how they work!

Storyline Quests

Science! (Simplified) (Blue - 12XP)
The time for Hestia to deal with something strange is drawing very close.

Major Goals
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest if…
❀ …you explicitly take up the burden of the quest;
❀ …you build (or become!) some sort of defensive perimeter.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest by…
❀ …witnessing the fates of the wicked
❀ …dragging other main characters into your work.
❀ …proposing new theories about the subject of your investigation.

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