Chance Made Us Neighbors


The Main Players

aincumis: Quinton Drapeau, The Shop-Keeper
Anno Nimus: Amaranth, The Undying
Count Dorku: Hestia, the Wizard's Tower
Felix: Mr. Aqua, The Agent
Insertname: Ndidi Dhalman, the Giantess
MrPrim: Albert Blackstone, The Homebody
Rook Seidhr: Jack Paynim, the Self-Insert
Stormraven: Morigel Silverhair, the Fae Lady

Genre and Setting

XP Actions

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Shared Action: Reach out to someone doing something simple and honest. Try to connect.
421853623576952842.png?v=1 Shared Reaction: Reach out to someone. Try to connect.
421853556862222344.png?v=1 Slice of Life: React to the world. Get stuck in a moment or lost in a mood.
421853635346169866.png?v=1 Obsessive Action: Tip over the edge into obsession, or short out and shut down mentally.


  • Masks are extremely effective disguises.
  • Things are often stranger than they seem.

Region Properties

Stranger's Glade

  • People can’t resist a bit of gossip.
  • People must rely on one another.
  • Strangers must present friendly faces to each other.
  • People must be keenly aware of their social standing.
  • People can forgive, but they can’t forget.

The Forest

  • The forest must hold mysteries.
  • The forest must nurture magic.
  • Cleverness must be rewarded.
  • Ordinary societal norms seem unimportant.

The Lake and its Surroundings

  • People must feel the presence of nature.
  • It’s easy to mingle and relax.
  • Things must seem idealized.
  • There is always more going on beneath the surface.
  • People can’t feel like no one is watching.

The Magical Realm, Faerie, and other unusual places

  • We'll define these later.

NPCs and Plot Details

The Supporting Cast

Points of Interest

HG Quests

XP Action Record

Anno Nimus:
Count Dorku:
Rook Seidhr:

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