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Blair McAlister

"Witches get a bad rap. Mostly, I just know how to brew a potion and try to help people as best I can. Not much else to it!”


Emotion XP: “Oh no! Blair is in Trouble!”

Height: 1.74m
Favourite foods: lemons, and the occasional biscuit!
Hobbies: learning a little more about being a witch; getting into trouble.
Trinket of Choice: her supply bag.

Resources & Wounds

Will 8/8
MP 5/5
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]
Divine Health [ ] [ ]


(Magical) Witchcraft 4
Lending a Helping Hand 2
Baking! 2
(Superior) Mystic Eyes 1
Keeping her Nose Clean -1


Affliction: Trouble Magnet [2]
Affliction: Happily Soulless [2]
Bond: A little prep goes a long way! [3]

Connection: Shokyou (mistress) [2]

Miraculous Powers

Arc Trait: Immortal
Arcs: Magical Hero 3

Enemy [Magical Hero 0]

  • Blair's enemy is trouble.
  • After all, people get into it and she likes to help them out!
  • But gosh, having trouble as your enemy sure gets you into trouble a lot…

Wild Magic [Magical Hero 0]

  • 0 MP - Invoke a witch-y cantrip!
  • 1 MP - Invoke another within the space of a few minutes.

Secrets [Magical Hero 0]

  • 0 MP - learn about Trouble's plans, secrets or actions (1/book).
  • 1 MP - learn about Trouble's plans, secrets or actions.
  • 4 MP - spy on a given, troublesome antagonist a second or later time per book.

Shield [Magical Hero 1]

  • 1 MP - defend yourself against the Enemy!
  • 2 MP - defend a small area against the Enemy.
  • 4 MP - defend a large area against the Enemy.

Raw Magic [Magical Hero 2]

  • X MP - flood your aura with magical energy!

Mobility [Magical Hero 2]

  • Arc 2: Become light and bouncy! Good for jumping and falling softly.
  • Arc 3: Fly! At about 20-30 MPH.
  • Invoke Mobility using Witchcraft or Wild Magic!

Blast [Magical Hero 2]

  • 1 MP - fire a blast suited to handling typical opponents.
  • 2 MP - a blast to handle impressive opponents!
  • 4 MP - one suited to solving major problems!
  • 8 MP, 1 Deadly Wound - and one capable of defeating epic enemies.

Prodigious Magic [Magical Hero 2]

  • 4 MP - perform a magical technique or specific supernatural skill-backed intention perfectly. Mundane abilities cannot oppose it! This augments another mundane or miraculous action.

Spirit Form [Magical Hero 3]

  • 2 MP - Step sideways into spiritual space.

Drain Energy [Magical Hero 3]

  • 1 Health Level - Over about 15 minutes, drain an Enemy.
  • It's a lot like Blast, but doesn't cost MP.
  • Wound Powers related to the target!
  • Difficult to heal, even with Immortal.

Metaphorical Magic [Magical Hero 3]

  • 1 MP - makes Witchcraft much more broad and capable until the end of the chapter!

Refusing to Give In!

  • if Shield or Blast fail, because of an Auctoritas or Miraculous Conflict, gain +1 Strike!
  • Up to your Arc Rating in Strike.
  • There are rules to this. Rules I say!

Issues and Quests

Calling 1
In Over Her Head 2

Progress [Magical Hero 3-4]

Arc XP: 0/72
Unspent XP: 0


Pitching In (Basic Quest)
Type: basic
XP: 1/15

  • gain 1 XP / once a scene when Blair altruistically helps someone out. Especially if it's the right thing to do!

Ancestral Recall
Type: Yellow
XP: 1/27

Blair's got the power of her family's scion. She's going to have to learn how to use it, and maybe even contend with enemies from her bloodline's distant past!

  • 5 XP - accidentally unseal something dark and nasty.
  • 5 XP - confront the nature of your ancestor and her magic.
  • 5 XP - make a tough choice and do the "right" thing.
  • 1 XP - use your magic to help someone!
  • 1 XP - refrain from using your magic in favour of honest effort.
  • 1 XP - practice, study or prepare your magic.

A Strange Way to Make Friends
Type: Black
XP: 1/15

Selling your soul for power is a time-tested tradition. Making friend with the new owner, and helping her out is a bit less traditional.

  • 5 XP - decide let Shokyou keep your soul because, honestly, she needs it more than you do.
  • 1 XP - ask for Shokyou's help, or for someone else to help Shokyou.
  • 1 XP - get to know Shokyou.
  • 1 XP - be a friend to demons.


It's a modern world! And modern witches don't step up shop in hidden cabins, deep in the woods, dispensing help and advice only to those stumble onto them. Modern witches don't hide - they don't have to: modern witches are proactive; full members of society, even! Also, they kind of have to do things like go to school (it's the law!), and that's a little inconvenient when you're miles outside of Town…

Blair is a modern witch! She comes from a witching family. She lives a normal (if magical) life. She helps people! She actually likes helping people: making friends, solving problems, putting in the elbow grease and maybe brewing up a potion if that's what it takes.

In fact, that's what got her where she is now. A little while ago, she helped a Devil. Or, well, a Devil in training. She looked kind of down; kind of frustrated. Blair tried to cheer her up. Blair may have sold her soul in the process (she looked like she needed to put a 'win' in today's column…). On the plus side, the Devil seems like a nice enough girl, and Blair managed to wish for her scion's magical mojo in the process (all the better to help even more effectively than she already does!).

Can't argue with that kind of logic.




Miraculous Arcs

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