Ayako Vasili


Ayako Vasili


Element and how you honor it:
Ayako is bound to "the roofs and their rat-roads". She honors it by going up to the roofs once a month(or something like that) with a satchel of Outside dust, and using it to create elaborate designs on the rooftop. Like these:


Family Relationships:
Ayako is the second child, younger than Mayu and older than the twins. The Family expects great things from her.

Ayako gets along well with her family. Her father pretends to be all grumpy, but no one in the house takes him seriously. Her mom is the best mom one could have. Her elder sister is a little flighty for being the heir, but Ayako is sometimes jealous of her. Sometimes, just sometimes, she looks up at the sky and yearns to be carried away by the wind too. Then the roof beneath her feet reminds her of who she is.

The twins are cute, in an annoying younger sibling sort of way.


Spirit of Romance 2
Traditional Ways 1
Studious 2
Superior Affinity for the Roofs 4
Superior Spiritual Energy 2
Superior Emotion Control 1

The Troublemaker 2: Rinley is the best Rinley
Nightmares’ Angel 1: Leo knows so many interesting things!
The Vasili Family 2: I have a pretty good family
Fortitude 1: I know how to get around town
Remy 1: He tells such good stories!

Miraculous Arcs:

Spiritual (the roofs and their rat-roads) 3

Shouting from distant rooftops (0 MP)
When there is a danger that strikes at the very heart of the roofs (and when the HG remembers), Ayako knows of it and dreams of it.

Illusion of Shelter (0 MP, 1 MP within a few hours)
Ayako can create a sense of shelter and safety, an impression of being at home and having a roof over your head. Alternately, she can create a sense of having the open sky above you, of being unhindered and free, and roads that lead to distant lands.

Shingle-sense (0 MP)
With a glance, Ayako can tell the state of the roofs and their rat roads - what they are like, their state of repair or disrepair, and who last walked upon their roads, and where those roads might lead.

Roof-speaker (-)
Ayako can also speak to the roofs directly, asking them to do things within their power. In practice, this becomes indistinguishable from willing them to move as she would her own limbs, as the border between herself and the roofs becomes blurrier.

Reinforcement (0 MP 1/Chapter, 1 MP Chapter, 2 MP hours)
Ayako can strengthen the roofs, so that they might better serve as shelter to those beneath them or bear the weight of those that walk on them, as well as hold open the ways by which one may travel upon them.

Divine Mantle (1+ MP)
By spending 1-3 MP, Ayako can wear the Divine Mantle for a scene, gaining Miraculous Edge equal to the MP spent and gaining an aura of the roofs.

Roof Shaper (1 MP individual/house scale, 2 MP neighborhood scale)
Ayako wills the roofs to move, and they do. Buttresses rise and spears shape themselves into being, or whole roofs might form from her dreams. The rat-roads may move or change, open her close, as she commands them.

Summons (1 MP, 2 MP hours)
Ayako can call a piece of the roofs to herself.

Roof Removal (2 MP, 4 MP hours)
Ayako can destroy a roof, or close the way of a rat-road. This is a Bleak effect.

Stories of the Roofs (2 MP, 4 MP hours)
Ayako knows a little more than she should. She has memories that are and are not hers.

The way the Road goes (4 MP, major)
Ayako can shape the Destiny of the Roofs and their Rat-Roads.

Primordial (Freedom/Rooftops) 1 (Current Arc: 0/60)

Unnatural Action (-)
For Ayako, the roofs of Fortitude are an extension of herself; as much a part of her as her arms and legs, if more limited in their movement.

Scry (0 MP)
They can serve as her eyes, as long as someone stands upon them or beneath them.

The above two powers work reliably only in Fortitude - the roofs of other places are alien to her, and not yet a part of herself. Expanding into another Region takes a Recharge Token.

Digest (-)
These are absolute and unquestionable truths:

  • Ayako can digest anything she eats over the course of 2-3 hours, making it a part of her.
  • There is nothing that is notionally impossible for her to devour.

Bindings (0 MP):
Ayako can connect to the part of a person that walks a path that they chose to walk, or to their desire to be free, and hold that choice or desire within herself, changing herself to better protect it.

  • Judah: Glowing eyes (Superior Spiritual Energy 2), Tough Health Level.
  • Remy: Glyph on my right palm (Bond: "I am a Knight of the Roofs" 2), Normal Health Level
  • Ritho: Brand on my neck (Superior Emotion Control 1), Normal Health Level

Shared Witness (0 MP: they can emote to me. 1 MP to find them in minutes, 4 MP instantly)
Given time, she can find anyone whose choice she holds, and they can emote to her from any distance.


Connection Remy 1

Bond: I can't really care what people I don't care about think! 2

Power: Ayako can't fly (yet, dammit), but she can jump good. High enough to leap to the rooftops from street level and far enough to jump from building to building.
0 MP - Starting mid scene, make 1-2 jumps
1 MP - Starting mid scene, make as many jumps as you like
2 MP - Jump as many times as you like for a scene

Power Up: +1 to Superior Affinity to the Roofs.

Accessory Spear that explicitly counts as a piece of roof (and so as the proper subject of my miracles) and grants access to a pool of Miraculous Will.

Affliction Ayako Vasili is a brave Knight of the Roofs 3

Emotion XP

Fist bump/Salute.


Basic quest: Musing about Freedom and Responsibility. 0/9

Mystic 1 Quest: Changes (Simplified) 1/12

Shrine Duties 1/21

Quest Miracle: Holding up the sky 9/9 (complete)


Ayako was bound to the roofs and their-rat roads. She has loved them since before she knew what love was. She was climbing before she could walk (I mean, it's just crawling sideways, right?). The roofs whisper to her their stories and the stories of those that traverse upon them, and she loves to listen. She dreams of concrete jungles and towering spires and roofs stretched as far as the eye can see, where she can run freely, run forever, and there's always more to see.

Spending all your time around the rats since you were a child is kind of like having an awesome sibling who you will never, ever, surpass. Not her actual siblings, mind, her family is great and supportive. It's just, with the roofs. They've kinda got it covered. Like seriously, it's under control. Ayako has never felt the need to do anything with regards to her duties as a Vasili. I mean, she does the ritual thing (er..usually. Sometimes she forgets. But mostly!), but she's never really felt that she had to, or that it made any real difference; it was just the thing one does. Ayako devotes most of her time to having fun - and she enjoys clambering on rooftops and hanging out with the rats, anyway. So it's all good. It's not like anyone will ever really need her help.




(In) Over Your Head 1
You’re starting to get a sense of what’s going on here. You’re building a picture in your head, even if it’s hard to put it into words. But there’s a problem.
Something isn’t right.
There’s something here that just… doesn’t… fit.


  • Divine Health Level: Dangerous Forbidden Technique (+2 Tool on actions when I am utterly exhausted and desperate).

Current Status

5 Will
4 MP

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