Astolfo Aiza

Giant Astolfo



  • Name: Astolfo Aiza
  • Academic Ability: Excels at philosophy, nature studies. Everything else is a bit of a write-off.
  • Athletics Ability: Good archer, hiker. Tried to join the wrestling team, was banned for being too huge.
  • Blood Type: AB+
  • Favorite Food: Bean Salad
  • Associated Animal: Bison
  • Hair: Brown and wavy, shaggy cut past the eyes and ears. Eyes have never been seen.
  • Build: Muscular and tanned, upwards of six feet tall (the specifics depend).


  • Superior Forest Lord 4 - Grants the abilities of an archetypal Leshy, including nature sense, swift movement in wooded areas and the professional respect of bears (which is a pretty big deal).
  • Superior Giant Strength 4 - Grants incredible physical power but limited precision in applying it.


Bonds and Afflictions

  • Affliction: "I am always bigger than you." 3
  • Bond: "Life is always worth protecting." 3

Arc Traits

  • Child of the Ash 3
    • Immortality: "reincarnates from the green forests"
    • Element: "the beautiful alpine country"
    • Mood: "quiet wonder"
    • Kaiju Form: "a titan of stone, earth and green"
    • Set the Mood
    • [Mood]-Splosion
    • Wicked Mode
    • Kaiju Form
    • Mortal Form
    • Shed Scales
    • Defensive Shield
    • Natural Weaponry
    • Elemental Connection

XP and Quests

  • XP Emotion: "Aww."
  • Floating XP: 0
  • Recharge Tokens: 0
  • Issues:


  • Affliction: "I am always bigger than you." (tied to Child of the Ash)
  • Bond: "Life is always worth protecting." 3

Changing Stats

  • MP 5/5
  • Will 8/8
  • Health
    • 2/2 Normal Health Levels
    • 1/1 Tough Health Level
    • 1/1 Divine Health Levels
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