Alex Hashimoto

Tenko Pirate Hero with a Dark Secret Inside

Alex Hashimoto, Lex to his friends, is the fourth son of the richest Tenko family in Arcadia. His oldest brother has already taken over the family's fashion store; his oldest sister helps manage the tea shop; and the younger of his sisters is being trained to run the antique store. That left little responsibility for Lex; he lived a childhood of luxury, learning to shop and sail and do a bit of magic. He was a rather poor shop assistant when called upon, but he was always willing to help out someone in trouble, even if that required doing something scary like standing up to a bully.

Principal Entropy saw potential in Lex and invited him to join the SEED program. The minute Lex learned about the danger of the Outside, he knew he had to do something about it, something immediate and drastic. Lex didn't have the patience for the Principal's program; he would go to the Outside and settle this business once and for all.

He bought a one-man sailboat and spent a few days at the docks, buying drinks for sailors and learning their tricks. Then one morning, he set out on the Big Lake, made a left turn around Little Island, and sailed with the wind until the water turned brackish. He found some islands in the Near Outside and had some adventures that are not herein detailed.

As he sailed onwards, the sea became truly salty. The horizon became indistinct and strange shapes appeared beneath the water. A girl walked out across the sea and stepped into the boat. She told Lex a story about why the world had drowned, and then kissed him softly and whispered something in his ear.

The next thing he remembers is stepping off his boat back in Town. He's still not sure what she told him, but he's pretty sure that it's still inside of him and bad things would happen if it got out.

This adventure taught Lex that there is a limit to his abilities, and that racing headlong into this limit could endanger himself and even the world. He pulled back off the path of the Wounded Angel, and instead has started to model himself after Fox Pirates of old, and tried to become a hero on a more local level, lending a helping hand in problems around School. Which isn't to say that he doesn't still tend to overestimate his abilities.


  • The girl was probably Iolithae Septimian. I'm not sure if that means she's not what's imprisoned under the Titov shrine, or that she's mostly imprisoned but there's a shard of her that's not, or that there's someone out there who can pretend to be Iolithae.
  • I'm also not entirely sure what blasphemy she stuck inside Lex. I think it has something to do with the Outside breaking into Town. Perhaps if it broke out, the Big Lake would turn to salt and spill up over its banks, drowning all that remains of the world.
  • Also, it's not clear that there actually were any Fox Pirates of old, or any other fox pirates besides Lex ever.

Alex Hashimoto

Academic Ability: Mostly Oblivious
Athletic Ability: Wiry
Blood Type: O-
Age: 15
Animal: Fox (Pirate)
Club: SEED Program, Sailing Club

Mortal Skills

Spend Vast Family Wealth 2: Money can't solve every problem, but it's usually worth a try.
Sailing 2: Excellent sea legs.
Swashbuckling 1: Competent at all manner of piratical pursuits.
Help Out in the Shop -1 Enthusiastic but incompetent.

Tenko Magic (Perception) 2
Superior Grace 1: Always lands on his feet.


  • italic text: A fast, well-appointed sailboat that can be handled by one person but comfortably holds ten.
  • Bond:
  • Connection to one or more PCs

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Wounded Angel (Bindings) 2

I'll Save You! (Dramatic): Lex often shows up when people need help.
Vulpine Jewelry (Devices): Lex keeps an eye out for items with a bit of Fox Magic stored in them; often, when using Tenko Magic, he's able to call upon a ring or piercing for a +1-+2 tool bonus.
Divine Health (+3 Divine Health Levels): Lex's adventures in the Near Outside made him tough.
The Lie (Blasphemy): Someone told Lex a lie that could destroy the world.
Strength Through Adversity (Empowered Wounds): This is all part of the story of Lex saving the world. Even successful attacks will only turn out to make him stronger. He's bound one wound so far, the Lie.
Recover: If his wounds stop making him stronger, he shrugs them off.

Creature of Fable (Storyteller) 0

Between the Boundaries:
Iconic: Of course there were famous Fox Pirates who were heroes of the sea in the olden days and I'm dressed this way because I'm following in their footsteps!

XP and Quests

XP Emotion: Amused exasperation or incredulity (head-desking/face-palming/etc.)

Basic Quest

Storyteller Arc

Adventure Get!


Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


Health Levels:
Divine: Empowered Wound (The Lie)

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