Advanced Magical Algorithm Theory

You studied the theory of magic extensively and know that it isn't random, isn't just something that happens. It has laws, just like the world has laws.
These laws can be understood and, of course, exploited.
The basic, non-magical appliances for that skill are:

[Obstacle 0] You can detect when something magical is going on, when something isn't ordinary. This isn't much more impressive than what a normal person can figure out, but you detect it even if it is a more subtle effect, unless the user makes a conscious effort to hide it.

[Obstacle 0] You have limited defense against magic through mundane means. Be it just dodging thrown magic missiles or fighting off an enchantment through willpower, you know instinctively what to do when assaulted by a spell.

If you actually put some effort into it, you can learn much more about magic around you and even influence spells you come across.

[Obstacle 1] You can get basic information about a magical effect or spell and track it to it's source, this might take a bit of observation if you have never seen this kind of spell before.

[Obstacle 1] You can defend against a targeted spell, making it miss it's intended target.

[Obstacle 2] You get detailed information about a magical effect or spell, know who created it if you know them and some details about how the power in question works.

[Obstacle 2] You can weaken a magical effect, to reduce the time it is active or limit the damage it can do. Also can weaken stationary effects like magical barriers or magical constructs.

[Obstacle 2] You can counter a spell the moment it is cast.

[Obstacle 3] You can outright cancel out a magical effect, spell or enchantment.

[Obstacle 3] You can hijack a magical effect or spell and change targets or other parameters.

[Obstacle 3] You can copy a spell the moment it is cast and cast it one time, choosing new targets/parameters. (You can "store" it until end of chapter)

[Obstacle 3] You can use a spell you've copied with an Obstacle 3 or 5 effect.

[Obstacle 4] You can use any of the above, but on a much larger scale / with more reach, up to a region in scope or on a large scale magical effect/spell.

[Obstacle 5] You can copy a spell and use it as often as you want until end of Chapter.

[Obstacle 5] You can use any of your techniques on a Miraculous effect. Note that this will only do anything as long as it doesn't directly conflict with the effect, so it's only useful for information gathering / copying. Copied Miraculous Abilities have the same effects, but are just Magical Techniques.

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