A Perfectly Ordinary Tree

A miraculous perk suitable for mortal explorers

Type: Imperial Miracle

  • 1 MP — 1/book, find and use the tree, in the forest near your house, to change
  • 1 MP — 1/book, find and use the tree, in the forest near your house, to return
  • +1 MP — find and use the tree in a different forest
  • +3 MP — find and use the tree again in the same book (quickly)

You know of a perfectly ordinary tree in the deep forest near your house. You also know that when you walk in clockwise circles around it and invoke the wishing power of your heart (1 MP), it transforms you in a specific way or transports you to a specific realm. When you take this perk, define the specific effect as a wish, like:

I wish I were the size of the smallfolk, or
I wish I were in the land of the elves, or
I wish I were dead — but in a cool ghosty way, not a sad way!

As part of this perk, but as a completely separate action and 1 MP miracle, you may return to the tree and walk counterclockwise around it, while wishing for your return:

I wish I were back to normal.

By spending a total of 2 MP, you may find the tree in any forest, rather than having to journey back to the one by your home. It's perfectly fine to, for example, spend 1 MP in the forest by your house to shrink, and then later spend 2 MP in a different forest to return. Either way, it takes the better part of a long scene (in game, about an hour) to locate the tree.

Spending a total of 4 MP gives you three benefits: you can find the tree quickly (in less than a minute); you can find the tree in any forest (as per the 2 MP version of this miracle); and you can find and use the tree again even if you've already used it during this book.


The MP costs for this perk are balanced for mortal characters. In particular, this is something they can spend MP on that doesn't require giving them inherent miraculous abilities. (For miraculous characters, it's probably more fair to make this a per-chapter ability, change the respective costs to 0/0/+1/+2, or both.)

Jenna added this suggestion on RPGnet:

This is pretty cool! It doesn't have to be a Perk, either, if your group isn't completing quests—-you could charge 4 MP to attune to the tree the first time, and then just have it be a thing about trees. ^_^

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