A Mystery Calls

A Mystery Calls

An Issue that works as the framing device for the campaign.
You are called to the Far Roofs to find a Mystery… and probably have to face it at some point.

Level 1

There is something that calls out to you, urges you or forces you to go out into the Far Roofs. Maybe a Mystery is preying on you. Maybe society is demanding it from you. Maybe you are doing it for someone close you.
Or maybe you just want a cool adventure.

You gain 1 MP

You're drawn to explore the Far Roofs, for one reason or another.

Level 2

You followed the Mystery's Call. You ventures out into the Far Roofs. It is out there, somewhere. It may or may not know of your presence, but you know you will have to face it. You see it's signs everywhere. It is coming closer.

The Mystery draws closer. You see the signs.

Level 3

You either meet the Mystery in person, or feel it's presence directly. It know you are there. It has it's eyes on you. You both know, a clash of some sort is inevitable. You have heard the Mystery's name and maybe you even know what it wants from you.
Or maybe… maybe it is you who sought it out, who wants something, needs something? Now is the time to decide whom you are wrestling with.

A clash with the Mystery is inevitable. You know your foe… or even ally? It is "_" , who is named "_".

You gain 1 MP

Level 4

It is time, the climax of your quest is at hand. There is something you must do here, something regarding the Mystery. Maybe you need to fight it, maybe there is a riddle that you must solve, maybe you must negotiate, trick it, or even just escape it's hunger. Or maybe, if things are especially dire, you fall to it's terrors.
It is usually something that affects you, deeply personal. There is some change, there is something you'll learn about yourself.

What is it you must do?

There is something you can…, no, must do. To succeed in your quest against the Mystery, you must "__". Do that, then tell the group what you learned, what insight you gained or how the experience changed you.

If you do that, you close the Issue and gain 1 MP and 1 XP.

Level 5

You tried it, you really tried, but in the end, you failed. You couldn't beat it, you couldn't solve the riddle, you couldn't get the monster on your side. It is onto you. It is trying to kill you, or do something even worse. It's horrible, but you can live through it. You can escape. It was not for naught.
We learn the most from our failings and mistakes, after all.

You failed, but not all is lost. Escape with your life, then tell the group what you learned, what insight you gained or how the experience changed you.

After you're done, you close the Issue and gain 1 MP and 1 XP

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